Overwatch Confirms Sigma Is Hero 31 With Story Teaser

Overwatch has been teasing an impending announcement, and all signs pointed to it being Sigma, the rumored Hero 31. That has been confirmed today, with a story trailer that sheds more light on the mysterious scientist.

Hero 31 is indeed Sigma, though “hero” is a pretty loose term. The trailer makes him seem downright supervillainous, complete with an ambitious experiment gone horribly wrong. It isn’t long before Sigma’s mind is severely disturbed and he’s monologuing about harnessing the power of the universe. It seems like a safe guess that he’s not exactly on the side of the good guys.

The trailer didn’t indicate when exactly we’ll see Sigma become a playable character, but the wait between the story trailer for Baptiste, the last hero to join the roster, and when he became playable was very short. That means Sigma’s arrival could be imminent.

Meanwhile, Blizzard is testing a new Role Queue feature that revises competitive matchmaking. Rather than simply pick a hero, you pick a role type and you’re matched into a game with two of each type. The feature will roll out into a beta on August 13. The game is also hosting its ongoing Summer Games event, with special summer-themed cosmetics and skins.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/overwatch-confirms-sigma-is-hero-31-with-story-tea/1100-6468611/

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