Pokemon Go November Events Include New Shiny And Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Go‘s Team Rocket event is winding down, but Niantic has plenty of other activities planned for the hit Pokemon mobile game this month. The developer has outlined several new events scheduled to take place throughout the rest of November, and they include a friend celebration, as well as the debut of another new Legendary Pokemon.

First, Niantic is hosting a Supereffective Week event from November 19-26. During that time, Pokemon that will be effective against Team Rocket and other trainers will appear more often in the wild, Raid Battles, and Field Research tasks. On top of that, you’ll have your first chance to find and catch a Shiny Tentacool. You’ll also receive two times the normal amount of Stardust from trainer battles, and PokeStops will distribute more Potions and Revives.

Following Supereffective Week, the Legendary Pokemon Terrakion will make its debut in five-star Raid Battles, replacing the current Legendary, Cobalion. Terrakion is also a part of the Swords of Justice trio. It’s a dual Rock/Fighting-type, which means you’ll want to bring along Grass, Ground, Water, Fighting, or Psychic Pokemon when challenging it. Terrakion will appear in Raids until December 17.

Finally, Niantic is capping off the month with the first ever Friend Fest. The event kicks off on November 27 and runs until December 2. During that time, you’ll encounter “family-themed Pokemon” such as Nidoran and their evolutions more often in the wild and through Field Research tasks. Trading Pokemon with friends will also require half the usual amount of Stardust, and you’ll be able to make two special trades per day. You can read more details about all the November events on the official Pokemon Go website.

Of course, before these events roll around, Niantic is hosting November’s Community Day. That takes place this Saturday, November 16–the day after Pokemon Sword and Shield launch for Nintendo Switch. The featured Pokemon for this month’s event is Chimchar, the Fire-type starter from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Not only will you have your first chance to catch a Shiny Chimchar during the Community Day, eggs will hatch at a quarter of their normal distance during the event.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/pokemon-go-november-events-include-new-shiny-and-l/1100-6471441/

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