Pokemon Sword And Shield Release Date Confirmed

Pokemon Sword and Shield are two of the most highly-anticipated games for the Nintendo Switch. Thanks to a new Nintendo Direct, we now know the games’ global release date has been set for November 15.

In addition, developer Game Freak shared more details on the gameplay innovations seen in Sword and Shield. A new battle mechanic named Dynamax turns Pokemon far bigger than they’ve been seen before. Like Sun and Moon‘s Z-Moves, Dynamax can be triggered once per battle. It boosts your Pokemon’s power and turns all their moves into Max Moves. The creature returns to normal after three turns.

Additionally, Sword and Shield will feature Max Raids, a new battle type seemingly inspired by the raids seen in Pokemon Go. There are sections of the game world in which you can team up with up to three other human players and battle a Pokemon which is permanently in Dynamax form, and hence is very powerful. You’ll need to work together to bring down the wild Pokemon and then catch them for yourself. The creatures seen in these wild Dynamax battles vary by area and weather, Game Freak said.

Finally, the developer revealed the box art for Sword and Shield, which features two new legendary creatures, Zamazenta and Zacian. Alongside the two separate games, a dual pack will be available. This includes both titles and an exclusive golden dual game card steelbook. The standard editions will cost $60 / £50 each, with pricing yet to be announced for the dual pack.

Sword and Shield mark the eighth generation of Pokemon games and are set in an entirely new region with all-new Pokemon. That region is named Galar, and it’s primarily made up of picturesque countryside inspired by the UK.

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Not only will players encounter an assortment of returning Pokemon here–including fan-favorites like Tyranitar, Lucario, and, of course, Pikachu–the region will also be home to many new kinds of Pokemon. We’ve already gotten a look at the three new starters, and the latest Pokemon Direct presentation gave us a glimpse at a handful of other Gen 8 monsters, with many more undoubtedly still waiting to be revealed.

For more on the new games, check out our roundup of all the Pokemon confirmed for Sword and Shield. There is a chance we might learn even more about the two Switch games during Nintendo’s E3 press conference, along with all these Nintendo games confirmed for E3 2019.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/pokemon-sword-and-shield-release-date-confirmed/1100-6467388/

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