Pokemon Sword / Shield: New Gen 8 Pokemon Revealed

As promised, The Pokemon Company shared a ton of new details about Pokemon Sword and Shield during the latest Pokemon Direct broadcast. Along with confirming the games’ release date, we got a look at some of the new characters players will encounter on their journey, as well as a handful of new Gen 8 Pokemon you’ll be able to catch.

First is the Grass-type Gossifleur, whose pollen has healing properties. Gossifleur is able to evolve into Eldegoss, the Cotton Bloom Pokemon. We also got a look at Wooloo, an adorable sheep Pokemon covered in fluffy wool, as well as the vicious snapping turtle-like Drednaw. Finally, The Pokemon Company revealed Corviknight, the raven Pokemon. Interestingly, Corviknight will be able to taxi players back to any town they have previously visited, much like the Fly HM of old.

Those aren’t the only new Pokemon we got a look at. The Pokemon Company also revealed Sword and Shield’s Legendary Pokemon, the wolf-like Zamazenta and Zacian. Few details about the Legendaries were revealed, but the former is covered in armor that resembles a shield, while the latter wields a sword in its maw. In their reveal trailer, the Legendaries could be briefly seen fighting each other before a sound catches their attention.

That certainly isn’t all we learned about Pokemon Sword and Shield during Wednesday’s Direct. As speculated, the games are introducing a new battle mechanic called Dynamaxing. Like Mega Evolution and Z-Moves before it, Dynamax is triggered via its own button and can only be used once per battle. This causes your Pokemon to grow into a massive size, giving them a power boost and turning their attacks into Max Moves. However, Dynamax Pokemon will only remain in that state for three turns. Players will also be able to team up with others and battle wild Dynamx Pokemon in Pokemon Go-like Raids while exploring the Wild Area, an open-world like environment between cities in Galar.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launch for Nintendo Switch on November 15. You can learn more in our Pokemon Sword and Shield pre-order guide.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/pokemon-sword-shield-new-gen-8-pokemon-revealed/1100-6467390/

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