PS4’s Death Stranding Release Date Confirmed, Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Sony has finally announced the release date for Death Stranding, the much-anticipated PS4 title from Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima. The game will launch on November 8, 2019. In addition, the company revealed an extensive look at gameplay for the first time–take a look at the trailer above.

Death Stranding is Kojima’s first game since leaving Konami and is something of a departure from what we’ve seen him and his team do in the past.

The trailer shows main character Sam exploring a strange open-world filled with mysterious creatures. We see him riding a motorbike and, separately, being attacked by some of the world’s monsters. Elsewhere he wields an assault rifle to retaliate.

As is typical for Kojima’s games, the actual story is unclear. The trailer begins with Mads Mikkelsen’s character singing to what seemingly is the artificial baby seen in previous trailers–he refers to it as BB. From there, we see a photograph of Sam and his wife–whose face is greyed out–and a woman that is presumably his mother. A sickly woman that seems to be the president of a company called Bridges says, “Together, you can help us reconnect. You can make America whole.” Sam replies, saying, “No, America is finished … We don’t need a country. Not anymore.”

There also seems to be an ongoing conflict with a militant separatist group that have special powers. They enter into towns and kill people. In terms of gameplay, we see Sam engaging with enemies in third-person melee combat, but there’s also elements of stealth, which will no doubt be appreciated by fans of Kojima’s previous titles.

Sam works for Bridges and we see him suiting up, to the sounds of Path by Apocalyptica. He goes out into a strand world, traversing terrains from snowy mountains to rocky cliffs, using tools such as a ladder and a Climbing Anchor to get around.

The release date was revealed in a peculiar Twitch stream in which footage was slowly uncovered by fading handprints. The stream eventually showed an extensive trailer that included gameplay footage.

Until now, little had been known about Death Stranding, with Kojima Productions and Sony remaining tight-lipped for much of the game’s development cycle. The cast includes a number of celebrities, such as The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus in the lead role, as well as Mads Mikkelsen, Lea Seydoux, Lindsay Wagner, Guillermo del Toro, and Troy Baker.

A recent report said Death Stranding could come to PS5, but that has not yet been announced. For now, it will be coming to PS4 only on November 8.

from GameSpot – Game News

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