PSA: You Can’t Buy Destiny On PC Right Now

As part of Destiny 2‘s transition from to Steam, the game is, uhh, currently completely unavailable to buy on PC.

The game has now seemingly been removed from sale on as part of Activision’s breakup with with Bungie, and it won’t launch on Steam until October. That means there is a period of about a month where people can’t buy Destiny 2 on PC, it seems.

According to an email sent to people who own Destiny 2 on PC, the game will remain available to play via through September 30, but it appears you can no longer buy it there. Destiny 2 then launches on Steam from October 1.

Everyone who owns Destiny 2 on PC can transfer all of their content–including accounts, expansions, in-game currency, and more–to Steam at no cost.

“Please note you will lose access to Destiny 2 if you choose not to migrate to the new platform,” reads a line from an email sent to people who bought Destiny 2 on

Destiny 2 PC players can visit this page on Bungie’s website to begin the process of transferring their content from to Steam.

Bungie community lead David Dague told VG247 in June that moving from to Steam “just made the most sense” for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2’s next expansion, Shadowkeep, launches on October 1 for PC, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Recently, Bungie announced plans to introduce a Fortnite-style battle pass in Destiny 2 timed with the release of Shadowkeep.

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