Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Players Discover A Hidden Character Of Sorts

In typical fashion, Red Dead Redemption 2‘s recent release on PC has already seen modders unearth some hidden oddities by accessing the PC port’s game files, whether it’s a mod that lets you fly across the map as an eagle, or one that lets you take control of a sheep. However, one player discovered something far more spooky than Bovidae-related hijinks.

On the Red Dead Redemption subreddit, user DaniMoz discovered that you can use mods to play as Princess Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister (or IKZ for short). “IKZ is in the game files, using mods to play as her. This is what she looks like,” DaniMoz posted. For those unaware, IKZ is a character in Red Dead Redemption 2 who’s been missing for 15 years by the time Arthur Morgan shows up. She never appears in the game.

There are posters throughout the map offering a reward from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for her safe return, and some trunks with her initials imprinted on them have even been spotted at the fence in Van Horn Trading Post. There’s also an NPC near Elysian Hall who informs the player he’s looking for the missing princess, but she’s never been found.

The posters state that IKZ disappeared at the age of five during a royal visit to the United States in June 1884. Players have picked up on the fact that the poster describes her as having blonde hair and birthmarks on her right hand and left cheek, with some trying to find her using these distinct features as a general guide–along with the estimation that she’s probably around 20 years of age during Red Dead Redemption 2’s main story.

By using the Lenny’s Simple Trainer mod, you can access her character model by typing “CS_PrincessIsabeau” into the “models” line in the Ist.ini file of the mod. Eurogamer notes that she does have birthmarks on her right hand and right cheek, which differs from the poster saying she has one on her left cheek. Other than this, her appearance seems to match what was described. Why her character model is hidden within the game’s files is a mystery, however. Perhaps Rockstar was planning on using her in a quest that was eventually scrapped, or maybe she was hidden somewhere on the map this whole time. She was probably hanging out with Gavin, to be fair.

If you fancy picking the game up yourself, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a worthy PC port, for the most part.

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