Resident Evil 3 Remake – Mat Paget’s Most Anticipated Game Of 2020

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There isn’t a video game series I love more than Resident Evil. We’ve had our ups and downs, but like any good relationship, we’ve stuck it out through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad (I’m looking at you, Resident Evil 6). Lately, things have been going well. Resident Evil 7 proved that Capcom can still make an excellent, scary Resident Evil game, and this year’s Resident Evil 2 proved that Capcom understands what’s good about the classics and how to modernize them properly. That’s why I’m particularly excited about Resident Evil 3 next year.

We’re still fresh off the announcement of Resident Evil 3’s remake, but from what we know, it’s going to be similar in style to Resident Evil 2. Producer Masachika Kawata–also the producer of Resident Evil 7–noted that the original Resident Evil 3 edged further into action than Resident Evil 2, but despite the bigger methods of firepower, it still wasn’t an action game in the same vein as Gears of War. It’ll be interesting to see how far they take the remake in the action direction, and I hope they’re able to strike the same balance the original had. We’ve already seen a new dodge move Jill has, which I’m sure will be extremely handy when face-to-face with Nemesis.

I’m also curious how they’ll follow-up on Mr. X with Nemesis. The thing about Mr. X in the original was that he was a much more scripted enemy and only appeared in the B-side of each character’s campaign–if you played Leon’s A campaign, then he’d appear in Clarie’s B campaign and vice-versa. In the remake, however, Mr. X is a much more persistent threat and can show up almost anywhere in that whole dang police station. I worry this could make Nemesis less impactful since that’s basically his whole M.O. (except with a rocket launcher in tow). I’m hopeful Capcom can evolve that character in a meaningful way, as they did with Mr. X.

The Resident Evil 2 remake also changed up some events, characters, and story beats. Like your typical movie remake, it shares similarities with the original but draws its own path with a different take on its events–and in some cases, different locations and events entirely. We know how the story is going to play out, but exactly how it happens will be new and interesting. I would play through Resident Evil 3’s remake if it was the exact same game, beat-for-beat, but the chance of some new surprises has me clambering to get my hands on it.

It’s a rarity to be treated to a remake like Resident Evil 2’s, and while it’s not guaranteed Capcom will strike gold twice with Resident Evil 3, I feel the developer has earned my trust with the direction it’s taking the series. It’s funny; Resident Evil 2 released in 1998 and 3 released one year later. Never would I have expected the same release timing for the remakes, a full 20 years later. If Resident Evil 3’s remake can refine the formula like the original did in 1999, then we’re in for another great nightmare.


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