Syndicated RPG News

Arc of Alchemist details the battle system

Learn more about the intricate combat found in this tactical action RPG source /news/9176-arc-of-alchemist-details-the-battle-system

Everreach: Project Eden releases second Secret Documentation video

Here’s a more detailed look at the world and weapons in this sci-fi RPG source /news/9175-everreach-project-eden-releases-second-secret-documentation-video

Shenmue III – Launch Trailer

A glimpse of a storyline finally continued 18 years after Shenmue II. source /news/9174-shenmue-iii-launch-trailer

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 – PDXCON Recap Video

The development team discusses a range of topics regarding the upcoming RPG. source /news/9173-vampire-the-masquerade-bloodlines-2-pdxcon-recap-video

Yakuza: Like a Dragon demo releases on Japanese PSN store with a new trailer

The Dragon of Dojima and the Koi-Ryu of Ijincho meet face to face. source /news/9172-yakuza-like-a-dragon-demo-releases-on-japanese-psn-store-with-a-new-trailer

Atelier Dusk Trilogy Deluxe Pack – 2nd Trailer

See more of these Atelier re-releases. source /news/9169-atelier-dusk-trilogy-deluxe-pack-2nd-trailer

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers – Joker and Sophia screenshots

Check out two of the playable characters in this Persona 5 sequel spinoff. source /news/9168-persona-5-scramble-the-phantom-strikers-joker-and-sophia-screenshots

Granblue Fantasy: Versus details limited Premium and special Digital Editions

See what purchase bonuses are available for this Granblue title. source /news/9167-granblue-fantasy-versus-details-limited-premium-and-special-digital-editions

Katana Kami gameplay system explained in more detail by Spike Chunsoft

Some features from Way of the Samurai games are also still intact. source /news/9166-katana-kami-gameplay-system-explained-in-more-detail-by-spike-chunsoft

Fire Emblem Three Houses update: Anna, Jeritza, Sauna, New Outfits and more now available

Anna and Jeritza arrive as playable characters in this tactical RPG, plus an all-new Sauna mechanic. source /feature/9160-fire-emblem-three-houses-update-anna-jeritza-sauna-new-outfits-and-more-now-available

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers – Sophia Introduction Trailer

The spotlight now goes to the brand-new character. source /news/9165-persona-5-scramble-the-phantom-strikers-sophia-introduction-trailer

Monster Rancher port for Nintendo Switch launches digitally in Japan on December 19

You will be able to experience the nostalgia next month if you have a Japanese Nintendo account. source /news/9164-monster-rancher-port-for-nintendo-switch-launches-digitally-in-japan-on-december-19

Void Terrarium – Gameplay Trailer

A look at the rogue-like elements of this RPG with some chill music. source /news/9162-void-terrarium-gameplay-trailer

Nioh 2 introduces Shibata Katsuie, Maeda Toshiie, and Hachisuka Koroku with new screenshots

These characters also appeared in the open beta demo. source /news/9163-nioh-2-introduces-shibata-katsuie-maeda-toshiie-and-hachisuka-koroku-with-new-screenshots

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays demo is now available for PlayStation 4 and Switch in Asia

An English version of the demo also exists, and you can transfer the save data to the full game. source /news/9161-sd-gundam-g-generation-cross-rays-demo-is-now-available-for-playstation-4-and-switch-in-asia

Fire Emblem: Three Houses version 1.10 adds recruitable Anna, Sauna Activity, more

More playable characters in this tactical RPG. source /news/9160-fire-emblem-three-houses-version-1-10-adds-recruitable-anna-sauna-activity-more

Death end re;Quest 2 set to release on February 13, 2020 in Japan; battle system details & opening movie

Learn more about this Compile Heart sequel. source /news/9159-death-end-re-quest-2-set-to-release-on-february-13-2020-in-japan-battle-system-details-opening-movie

Project Sakura Wars to release demo in Japan on November 21, introduces enemy character Oboro

Also, get to know some of the enemy mechs you’ll fight against. source /news/9158-project-sakura-wars-to-release-demo-in-japan-on-november-21-introduces-enemy-character-oboro

Valkyria Chronicles 4 on Steam updated to the Complete Edition

Players who already own the game get the DLC for free. source /news/9156-valkyria-chronicles-4-on-steam-updated-to-the-complete-edition

Monster Hunter World: Iceborn’s Resident Evil and Horizon Zero Dawn collaborations to begin soon

More details and dates regarding these new collaborations source /news/9155-monster-hunter-world-iceborn-s-resident-evil-and-horizon-zero-dawn-collaborations-to-begin-soon