Sea Of Thieves Gets Spooky With New Fort Of The Damned Update

The latest update for Sea of Thieves, Fort of the Damned, is now live. The expansion is in line with the theme of the Halloween season, dropping a bunch of spooky-looking content for you and your crew to tackle.

As its name implies, Fort of the Damned is primarily an expansion on Sea of Thieves Skeleton Fort feature (basically the game’s version of raids) by offering a new fort to take on. You’ll have to meet certain in-game requirements to access the new fort–undertake Voyages to acquire Ritual Skulls and then claim the Flames of Fate–but once you do, you can tackle its challenge as many times as you please.

The new fort is guarded by a new type of enemy, Shadow Skeletons, and its many challenges are designed to encourage organizing your efforts with others. If you’re planning on taking on the fort, it might be wise to recruit a crew you can trust to work together. If you claim victory, you’ll be rewarded with valuable loot. Completing the fort will net you brand-new cosmetics as well, which allow you to dress up in the tattered garments of the underworld’s Ferryman (which can be seen in the video embedded in the tweet above).

Speaking of cosmetics, Fort of the Damned offers plenty of other pieces of content other than a new fort. The update introduces additional shirts, skirts, dresses, and undergarments that pirates of any gender can wear. Dyes have been added as well, allowing you to change the color of both your clothing and hair. Special two-tone dyes will be added to the Legendary shop too. And if you’re the resident musician in your crew, rejoice! Fort of the Damned adds the banjo as a playable instrument to Sea of Thieves.

With the new Fort of the Damned update, Sea of Thieves gets some gameplay changes as well. You can now battle it out in the Arena in the new Duo Sloops match type, and Skeleton Captains and their crew now just appear in the world during everyday exploration–offering the possibility of being ambushed and getting a nasty surprise while you’re looking for treasure. This update also adds new Xbox Achievements to earn.

All of the aforementioned details are permanent updates to Sea of Thieves, but Fort of the Damned introduces some limited-time Halloween-themed goodies too. From now until November’s update, you can buy the Skeleton Cockatoo and Skeleton Marmoset as pets from the Pirate Emporium.

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