Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Guide–Where To Find The Firecrackers Shinobi Prosthetic Early

Swordplay is a massive part of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but just as important is your other special weapon: the Shinobi Prosthetic. Early in the game, you gain a prosthetic left arm that can be outfitted with all sorts of tools. It’s what allows you to use a grappling hook to reach tough spots, and it also supports a bunch of different weapons, a lot like those you’ll find in Dark Souls or Bloodborne.

The thing is, you can’t just buy most Shinobi Prosthetics at a shop–they’re scattered throughout the world in Sekiro, and they can be easy to miss as you work through the game. Especially early in the game, though, prosthetics can be very useful for beating bosses and mini-bosses that might otherwise wail on you. It’s important to grab the early ones as soon as you can, so that when you run up against the worst enemies, you’ll be prepared.

The Firecrackers prosthetic is extremely handy for some of the first bosses you’ll come up against, including the horseback Gyoubu and the Blazing Bull. If you’re not careful, though, you won’t find the place to get the Firecrackers until after the battle with Gyoubu, which puts you at something of a disadvantage.

Here’s everything you have to do to find the Firecrackers prosthetic as early as you can, so you’ll have it to deal with some early bosses. While you’re at it, you might want to check out our Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice review, and our rundown of how death and Dragonrot work in the game.

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Head To Ashina Outskirts

Scattered throughout Sekiro are merchants called the Memorial Mob. You’ll find them in places with a lot of dead folks (which is basically everywhere in Ashina), hanging out in tents, selling various items. These include your basic consumables, like Medicinal Pellets, as well as the occasional key item–like Firecrackers.

The first Memorial Mob merchant you can find is in the Ashina Outskirts area, specifically in the Outskirts Wall–Gate Path area. You’re looking for the section of the area that follows the samurai mid-boss. In the next area, you’ll find patrolling enemies, and a few people to talk to: specifically, a woman who will think you’re her son, and her actual son, who wants you to help her.

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Find The Stone Tower

From the blasted house with the woman, keep moving through the area until you hit a gate with stairs going upward. At the top is an enemy who’ll fire a cannon your way. Look to your left before the gate and you should see a place where you can grapple up.

This is the stone tower you’re looking for. Keep climbing it by looking up to the left for more places to grapple. After a few swings, you’ll reach the top, where you’ll find the Memorial Mob merchant you’re hunting.

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Spend Your 500 Sen

The Memorial Mob guy has an item called Robert’s Firecrackers, and it’s the item you’re looking to buy from him. It’ll run you 500 sen, so you might have to save up–try buying Light Purses if you’re having a time staying alive, since money that’s in purses can’t be lost when you die. Once you can afford the Firecrackers, head back to the Sculptor to have him attach the Loaded Firecrackers to your Shinobi Prosthetic. It’s great for distracting enemies and interrupting their animations, and is particularly effective against animals.

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