Shovel Knight’s Music Gets Smooth And Jazzy In New “Prescription For Sleep” Album

Yet another popular video game is having its music transformed into soothing tunes to help you sleep, study, or just relax. The “Prescription for Sleep” lullaby series expands with a new album themed around Yacht Club Games’ side-scrolling platformer Shovel Knight due out on December 6.

The album, Prescription for Sleep: Shovel Knight, features calming, light, jazzy music performed by Metal Gear Solid and Bayonetta composer Norihiko Hibino (saxophone) and PersonaQ’s Ayaki on piano. They form the group Gentle Love, which also contributed to the previous Prescription for Sleep albums.

This album is notable for being the first time that Yacht Club has collaborated with an outside company for a licensed arranged album. The album also includes music for the new expansion, King of Cards, which launches on December 10. If you want to hear music from the new expansion, the new Prescription for Sleep album is the only way to do so right now.

You can buy the Shovel Knight album through Bandcamp and other digital stores like Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music. The producers at Scarlet Moon Records are also creating 1,000 physical CDs featuring a number of extras including liner notes, interviews, and comics. Go to the Bandcamp page to learn more.

There are 20 tracks in all on Shovel Knight: Prescription for Sleep. You can listen to a teaser for track six, “Of Devious Machinations,” in the embed above.

Other video games to have Prescription for Sleep albums have included Celeste and Undertale. Scarlet Moon also released an album titled “Prescription for Peace,” which is an tribute to the late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and renowned Japanese musician Eiki Oshimi.

The Shovel Knight, Celeste, and Undertale Prescription for Sleep albums are marked down 20 percent on Cyber Monday.

Prescription for Sleep: Shovel Knight

  1. Steel Thy Shovel
  2. Strike the Earth!
  3. High Above the Land
  4. An Underlying Problem
  5. No Weapons Here
  6. Of Devious Machinations
  7. The Donor’s Despair
  8. The Requiem for Shield Knight
  9. A Cool Reception
  10. End of Days
  11. The Fateful Return
  12. The Alchemist’s Haven
  13. Waltz for One
  14. Alchemy
  15. Magic Mirror
  16. La Danse Macabre
  17. Cruise Control
  18. Troops, Form Up!
  19. Some Blasted Hill
  20. A New Dawn

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