Sign-Up For Code Vein Network Test And Play The Souls-Like Game Before Launch

Bandai Namco has announced Code Vein will have a network test prior to launch, which will allow people to try out the game. An exact timeframe for the test hasn’t been revealed yet, but sign-ups are already live on Bandai Namco’s website.

Code Vein is releasing on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, but the network test for the game is only going live on consoles. As it’s a network test, the multiplayer features will be live, allowing you to play with a friend. The test only covers Chapter 1 of the game, which is Code Vein’s character creator, tutorial, and first area. Chapter 1 ends with a boss fight, the reveal of Code Vein’s first major NPC buddy, and the introduction of the game’s hub area.

If you want to know exactly what Chapter 1 entails, we played through it at a preview event. Our battles through the game’s opening area and first boss can be seen in the video embedded above. A Souls-like game, Code Vein takes inspiration–both mechanically and thematically–from both Dark Souls and Bloodborne. However, the game does differentiate itself with its Blood Codes. These encourage you to regularly respec your character’s stats and adapt your playstyle on the fly. Unfortunately, the game seems predisposed towards melee-focused builds. That said, you can specialize your character in the use of blood magic or rifles.

In Code Vein, you can equip one of eight different Blood Codes to boost your stats in different ways. Each Blood Code also allows you to equip up to eight different Gifts as well, most of which allow you to pull off a supernatural, vampiric-like ability. Specific Gifts and weapons can only be equipped with certain Blood Codes, creating many unique playstyles. The Fighter Blood Code specializes in slow but powerful melee combat, for example, while Prometheus transforms you into a fast rogue-like character who utilizes dodges and parries. Not all Blood Codes are tied to combat either. The Mercury Blood Code, for instance, is ideal for exploring the world, as it gives you balanced stats for journeying through any type of environment and extra stamina so you can quickly run everywhere.

After delaying Code Vein, Bandai Namco did not reveal a new release date for the game. Currently, Code Vein is scheduled to launch sometime in 2019.

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