Skullgirls Studio’s Upcoming Anime-Like RPG Gets A Kill La Kill-Looking Trailer

Lab Zero Games, the studio behind Skullgirls, has released the full intro cinematic for its upcoming action-RPG Indivisible. The intro, which is animated by Studio Trigger, details some of the major events from the opening arc of Indivisible’s story, so don’t watch it if you want to go into the game completely unspoiled.

That said, it’s an awesome video–one that captures the colorful character designs and exaggerated motion of the studio behind anime like Kill la Kill and SSSS.Gridman. Lab Zero also revealed Hiroki Kikuta, the composer for Secret of Mana, is behind the intro’s music.

After seeing it at Anime Expo, Indivisible is one of my most anticipated anime-like games for 2019. The game tells the story of Ajna, a young girl whose home is destroyed–an action that awakens a mysterious power in her. Part of this power allows Ajna to absorb other people into her to then summon at any time to fight by her side.

Gameplay-wise, this translates into a character recruitment-based story with a party management, turn-based battle system. As Ajna unlocks new abilities, she’s able to explore new areas of the world. Her journey will take her all over a fully-realized fantasy world, one that is in need of saving from a dark power.

Several of the other anime-like games we saw at Anime Expo have already come out, and a few of them are pretty good. If you’ve been sleeping on River City Girls, you should add the retro-styled 2D beat-’em-up to your list of games to play as soon as possible. If you’re looking for more ways to throw down in a video game, read GameSpot’s Kill la Kill: IF review and see whether that arena fighter is right for you. We also have an AI: The Somnium Files review for those searching for a more mystery-driven adventure.

Indivisible is scheduled to release for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 8, with a Switch version coming at a later date.

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