Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Art Leaks Ahead Of Announcement

Respawn is preparing to take the wraps off of its next game, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order this weekend, with a panel planned for Star Wars Celebration. Ahead of that big reveal, though, we got our first look at a piece of key art thanks to a retailer’s mistake.

The online retailer Amazon mistakenly put up a listing for a commemorative t-shirt, which showed the piece of artwork. It’s been since removed, but not before fans secured the image for posterity. It shows a Jedi wielding a blue lightsaber and ascending a mountain, accompanied by a small droid that appears to be scanning. In the background, crashed into a landscape full of waterfalls, is what appears to be a Republic-era Star Destroyer.

We already knew the story of Jedi Fallen Order will revolve around a Jedi Padawan who escaped the Emperor’s purge as depicted in the film Revenge of the Sith. The game is said to take place in the Dark Times as the Emperor consolidates his power over the galaxy and hunts down the remaining Jedi. This image itself doesn’t appear to shed much new light on the story, but it does look pretty cool. And hey, we know there will be t-shirts.

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Respawn began teasing its impending announcement with a social media post that showed a shrouded, broken lightsaber. It was accompanied by the words “Don’t stand out,” a possible reference to the story of Jedi in hiding.

The Star Wars Celebration panel will begin at 1:30 PM local time in Chicago. That’s 2:30 PM ET / 11:30 AM PT / 7:30 PM GMT / 4:30 AM AEST (Sunday). To watch it all happen live, you can check the livestream here. We’ll also be on-hand to deliver all the latest news from the show as it breaks.

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