Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Trailer Breakdown – Darth Vader, New Planets, And More

Respawn has released a new trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. There’s plenty to unpack in the new trailer, which is embedded below, and we’ve listed out the more significant details in the following article.

Though there’s an underlying current of adventure, the sense that the odds are stacked against Cal is at the forefront throughout the trailer. There’s a near-constant sense of danger looming over the young Jedi, which helps convey the feeling that he’s being constantly hunted throughout the game’s campaign. Hopefully, that feeling is captured in the game itself when it releases. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is scheduled to launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on November 15.

Cal Visits Quite A Few Planets In Fallen Order

At 0:34 we see an ice-covered planet, at 0:39 the trailer transitions to the marshy surface of a different planet, and at 1:10 a galaxy map reveals four possible planets to fast-travel to. However, one of the four planets–the one on the far left–looks like it could just be the planet seen at 0:39.

There are a lot of planets in Star Wars and many of them possess similar landscapes, so it’s difficult to definitively say which are included in this trailer without a bit more to go on. The ice-covered planet certainly looks like Hoth and the marsh-covered one does seem to be Pillio–first seen in Star Wars Battlefront II–but those are just educated guesses. Thanks to the trailers that were released during E3 2019, we do know that at least one of the planets that Cal visits is Kashyyk though.

There’s A Jedi Temple On One Of Those Planets

At 0:43, Cal uses the Force to access a temple. Inside, there are puzzles that can only be solved by moving large pieces of stone into certain positions (seen at 0:50), murals of robed figures (seen at 0:53), and the symbol of the Jedi Order (seen at 0:56). This is most likely an ancient Jedi Temple–and judging by the vegetation overgrowth it looks like no one has been inside in years.

Is Second Sister Talking To Darth Vader Or Simply About The Sith Lord?

Briefly, at 0:48, you can hear Darth Vader’s trademark breathing in the half-second fade to black shot that transitions the scene of Cal opening the Jedi Temple to the one of him exploring it. It’s only one breath though, and then the Second Sister begins talking, saying, “He’s searching for something, something very precious to the Empire.”

Though the scenes show Cal searching for something, it doesn’t show who Second Sister is talking to when she delivers that line. Is the “he” that she’s referring to Cal, or–given the breath–is it Darth Vader?

What this could mean:

If the Second Sister is just talking to Vader, then the “he” she’s referencing is most likely Cal. If that’s the case, we have no idea what the “something” could be. However, if Second Sister is talking to someone else and the “he” is in reference to Vader, then that could open up some intriguing possibilities–including the chance that the Empire is seeking out a way to locate Force-sensitive individuals. Not only would that benefit the Empire’s efforts in hunting down the last of the Jedi, but it would also give Vader the necessary tools for hunting down both his former apprentice Ahsoka Tano and former master Obi-Wan Kenobi, as both managed to escape Order 66.

That’s A Big Bat

Strange creatures aren’t uncommon in the galaxy of Star Wars, but the monstrous bat (seen at 1:15) is a new one for the franchise. It’s way too big to be a Shyrack or Loth-Bat, which means we’re probably seeing a never-before-seen species for Star Wars.

There’s another seemingly new creature at 1:34 but it also could just as easily be a new variant of Rancor. Though no longer canon, The Force Unleashed showcased how this ogre-like species has evolved in multiple ways on different planets, with some even developing tusks. The battle against the creature–and the aforementioned bat–certainly looks inspired from The Force Unleashed.

What this could mean:

We might get to go to a planet in Fallen Order that hasn’t been included in Star Wars before. Of course, if this bat is just a Shyrack (which are native to Korriban) or a Loth-Bat (which is native to Lothal), then that would likely mean we’re visiting the Sith home planet or the location of the World Between Worlds. But both possibilities seem less likely in comparison to this bat just being a new species on a new world.

New Purge Troopers

In previous trailers, we’ve only seen one type of Purge Trooper–the one that carries an electrostaff. However, this trailer gives us three more examples of the special Stormtroopers that are specifically trained to hunt down Jedi.

At 0:59, there’s gameplay of Cal fighting off a Purge Trooper armed with what appears to be an ax variation of the electrostaff. It has one giant cleaver-like blade on one end, with a current running along the length of the weapon so that the staff portion can still block and deflect lightsaber blades. Then, at 1:22, there’s a snippet of a cutscene that includes several Purge Troopers that carry firearms–as well as one in the back armed with an electrostaff, which again we’ve already seen. Finally, at 1:26, there’s gameplay of Cal using the Force to push a Purge Trooper back, and this particular Jedi killing Stormtrooper uses twin blades.

More Than One Inquisitor

The Second Sister isn’t the only Inquisitor we’ll meet in Fallen Order, as the trailer reveals we’ll run into at least one more. At 1:25, we see the Ninth Sister, a hulking Dowutin who is a former Jedi Knight. In the comics, her specialty in the Force is forced empathetic connection, allowing her to understand what another person is feeling in mere moments. This skill is twisted by Darth Vader, transforming the Ninth Sister into one of the Empire’s best interrogators, one who can use the Force to instantly glean who amongst a group is guilty as well as what they fear most.

The Second Sister Doesn’t Use Her Double-Bladed Lightsaber

Although the Second Sister carries a double-bladed lightsaber throughout the entire trailer, we never see the Jedi-hunting Inquisitor ignite her second blade. It’s odd, especially when you consider that the Inquisitors’ signature double-bladed lightsabers are designed to make the Jedi hunters more intimidating and seem more adept with the weapon than they typically are.

What this could mean:

The Second Sister might not need to seem competent with a lightsaber. She might just be skilled with the weapon. We’ve seen this before in the Grand Inquisitor, who would occasionally only use one blade because–as a former Jedi–he was skilled enough to fight with the gimmick of a twirling double-bladed saber. We learn in Star Wars Rebels that the Grand Inquisitor is so powerful because he was a temple guard–in fact, his skill was so great, he was one of the temple guards trusted with subduing Barriss Offee during her trial in Star Wars The Clone Wars.

So perhaps, like the Grand Inquisitor, the Second Sister is also a powerful fallen Jedi. Given her stature, voice, and fighting style (which we finally get a look at in this trailer, and it appears to be a mixture of Form III and IV) there’s some support to the theory that she’s Barriss–the Jedi traitor who managed to hold her own against Anakin Skywalker while still a Padawan learner. Regardless if she’s Bariss or not, the trailer does seem to at least suggest that the Second Sister is more skilled in using the Force and fighting with a lightsaber than her peers.

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