Stardew Valley Just Got A Nice Discount On iOS, Android

Stardew Valley stole the hearts of aspiring farmers everywhere when it first launched in 2016, and since then, the game has garnered a massive loyal fanbase across multiple platforms including Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game has also found a huge audience on mobile following its release on iOS in October 2018 and later on Android in March 2019. Since launching on mobile, Stardew Valley has rarely been discounted–but right now, you can buy Stardew Valley on your phone for $5 instead of the usual $8. There’s no telling how long this deal will be available, so if you’re interested in playing Stardew Valley on the go, now’s the time to grab it.

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Please note that Stardew Valley is also included free with Google Play Pass, Google’s monthly subscription service that grants access to 350 games and apps, without apps or in-app purchases, for $5 a month. A 10-day free trial is also available.

While GameSpot hasn’t reviewed Stardew Valley’s mobile port, the user reviews on both iOS and Android speak for themselves, with an average 4.8/5 rating and 15,000 reviews on the Apple App Store and an average 4.6/5 and 25,000 reviews on Google Play. In GameSpot’s Stardew Valley review, the game earned a 9/10.

“On the surface, Stardew Valley is a game about farming, but there are more adventures awaiting curious players beyond cultivating a rich and bountiful garden,” wrote Mary Kish in her review. “From mining and fishing to making friends and falling in love, Stardew Valley’s Pelican Town is stuffed with rewarding opportunities. As modern-day woes give way to pressing matters on the farm and within your newfound community, Stardew Valley’s meditative activities often lead to personal reflection in the real world. It’s a game that tugs at your curiousity as often as it does your heart.”

from GameSpot – Game News

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