Story-Driven Adventure Sea Of Solitude Coming This Summer

EA has announced that the narrative adventure game Sea of Solitude will launch on July 5, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This narrows it down from its previously announced launch window of Q3 2019.

The bittersweet adventure follows a young girl named Kay as she tries to overcome her struggles with loneliness. The world is a flooded cityscape that reflects insecurities that change according to her own state of mind. As she navigates it she’ll meet mythic beasts and help solve puzzles to clear tainted memories and introduce color and light to the dark world.

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The title from German developer Jo-Mei Games is part of EA Originals program, which puts some big-name publisher muscle behind smaller, indie-like projects. This is the third game to participate in the program, after Fe and A Way Out.

“Sea of Solitude centers on the essence of loneliness and tugs on the heartstrings of its players by mirroring their own reality. It’s by far the most artistic and personal project I’ve ever created, written during a very emotional time in my life,” Jo-Mei CEO Cornelia Geppert said in the announcement. “Designing characters based on emotions was a deeply personal achievement for our team and we’re so excited for players to soon experience Kay’s powerful story of self-discovery and healing.”

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