Stranger Things Fortnite Skins And Items Now Available

Fortnite has begun its crossover event with Stranger Things, which began with pieces of the Stranger Things mall entering the game, including some Upsidedown portals. Now as you look around your Stranger Things environments you can look the part, with new skins and other cosmetics modeled after the hit Netflix show.

As announced on Twitter, the Stranger Things content includes outfits modeled after Chief Hopper and the Demogorgon, along with a Vines Wrap. The cosmetics were added alongside the premiere of the new season of Stranger Things on July 4.

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Netflix had previously hinted at a Fortnite crossover after fans noticed the show’s ice cream shop in the game. That panel also announced another Stranger Things video game coming in 2020, and more details about the SNES brawler-style game that released along with Season 3.

Meanwhile, Fortnite is still celebrating its 14 Days of Summer event, along with other seasonal challenges. The game is preparing itself for the launch of Season 10, and as such we’ve seen some strange happenings that could be laying the groundwork. One of those is a giant rubber duckie, which could herald the seasonal changeover or just more summer shenanigans. When the next season does come, it will be accompanied by new system requirements, so make sure you’re ready.

from GameSpot – Game News

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