Switch Exclusive Astral Chain Discounted At Walmart On Release Day (US)

Astral Chain, the stylish new action game from Bayonetta developer Platinum, arrives on Nintendo Switch this Friday, August 30, and if you’re interested in picking up a copy, you may want to consider stopping by your local Walmart. Just as it did for Fire Emblem: Three Houses last month, the retailer is offering a nice launch day discount on the Switch exclusive.

As spotted by Cheap Ass Gamer, Astral Chain will be available in Walmart stores for $49.94 USD. The game is normally listed for $60 USD, so you’ll be able to save about $10 if you pick it up from the retailer–a very nice chunk of cash on a brand-new title.

See Astral Chain at Walmart

However, as was the case with the aforementioned Fire Emblem discount, it appears this offer will only be available in-store; Walmart’s Astral Chain page still lists the game as $60. It’s possible the in-store deal may eventually be extended to the website as well, but for now, it seems you’ll need to visit a physical location if you’re hoping to take advantage of the discount. It’s also worth keeping an eye on Amazon, in case the online retailer likewise decides to drop the game’s price.

Directed by Takahisa Taura, the lead designer on Nier: Automata, Astral Chain is a frenetic action game featuring a unique combat system and plenty of Platinum’s trademark flair. The game puts players in the role of a rookie officer tasked with defending the city from interdimensional monsters known as Chimeras. To stop the beasts, you’ll battle alongside various living weapons called Legions and unleash stylish tandem attacks together.

“Astral Chain’s shortcomings don’t overshadow what it does best. It’s an incredible execution of a fresh take on Platinum Games’ foundation, standing among the stylish-action greats,” critic Michael Higham wrote in GameSpot’s Astral Chain review. “After 40 hours with Astral Chain, I’m still eager to take on the tougher challenges, and I’ll be grinning from ear to ear as I hit all the right moves, one after the other, while watching it all unfold.”

Astral Chain is also one of the titles eligible for Switch’s voucher program. While you’re no longer able to purchase game vouchers, you can redeem any that you still have on Astral Chain and other select first- and third-party Switch games in the Eshop. You can see the full list of eligible titles on Nintendo’s website.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/switch-exclusive-astral-chain-discounted-at-walmar/1100-6469380/

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