Switch’s Sports Story Is A Sequel To Golf Story, And It Sounds Wild

Nintendo Switch exclusive Golf Story is getting a sequel: Sports Story. Announced via a trailer during Nintendo’s latest Indie World Showcase, Sports Story expands on Golf Story’s wacky take on a golf-centered game to tell an even more wild story that sees you play a wide variety of different sports.

The new Sports Story trailer, embedded below, showcases a return of Golf Story’s golf mechanics and the addition of tennis, soccer, baseball, and fishing too. Like its predecessor, Sports Story will use these sports to create unique interpretations of classic RPG missions and tropes, such as dungeons, spy missions, and more. Also, like Golf Story, Sports Story will be a Switch exclusive, releasing for Nintendo’s hybrid console in mid-2020.

For those who haven’t played it, Golf Story is one of the best RPGs of 2017, following a man who decides to quit his job and leave his long-time girlfriend to go pursue profession golfing after having not played the sport in 20 years. The graphics, storytelling, and characters are all reminiscent of Earthbound–but instead of engaging in typical RPG turn-based battles, all of your problems are solved through golfing. And I do mean all of your problems, ranging from battling the undead to solving a Who Dunnit-style murder mystery. It’s a very fun game, with excellent writing and a wonderfully humorous story.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/switchs-sports-story-is-a-sequel-to-golf-story-and/1100-6472076/

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