Terry Bogard Is Now Available On Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In a recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation, series creator Masahiro Sakurai revealed that DLC fighter Terry Bogard is out today, November 6.

Terry Bogard joins Ultimate after originally appearing as the brawling protagonist in 1991’s Fatal Fury for Neo Geo. Much like Street Fighter‘s Ryu, Terry fights a lot like a traditional fighting game character compared to the rest of Ultimate’s roster. He always faces his opponent, and special moves like Burning Knuckle, Crack Shoot, and Rising Kick can even be performed using their original command inputs for greater strength, benefiting those who still maintain that muscle memory.

The rest of Terry’s moveset will be familiar to anyone who’s ever played with the blonde fighter in any number of Fatal Fury and King of Fighters games before. The Somersault Kick is a new move for Ultimate, but everything else will be instantly recognisable. He can even parry into a counter attacking uppercut, and cancel into special moves that lead to devastating combos. There’s also a shorter range Power Wave that he can use when airborne.

Terry’s Final Smash begins with Triple Geyser before transitioning into Power Dunk and Buster Wolf, combining three special moves into one powerful attack. He also adopts a new mechanic for Ultimate, whereby a “Go!” icon will appear next to his attack damage once it rises above 100%, allowing him to use more powerful versions of Power Geyser and Buster Wolf as super special moves that are high risk, high return.

There are also numerous color variations, and Terry has taunts that use both old and new voices. A new King of Fighters coliseum-style stage is also introduced as part of the character pack. The edge of the screen is walled off in this stage, forcing you to break through in order to knock your opponent off, making it much more like a traditional fighting game stage. There are a total of 20 cameos included in the background of the stage, too, pulling from Fatal Fury and other Neo Geo titles, with characters like Terry’s arch nemesis Geese Howard appearing, as well as the likes of Andy Bogard, Billy Kane, Athena Asamiya, and Goro Daimon. Sakurai noted that Mai is not included because “Smash is for good boys and girls of all ages.”

On top of all this, there are 50 tracks worth of music included that pulls from SNK’s entire library of video games. Sakurai also revealed that Simon, Chrom, and Incineroar Amiibo are launching on November 15, and update 6.0 for Ultimate adds Battle Arena improvements–including the option to send pre-set messages to opponents–and an added option to play Battlefield/Final Destination form randomly.

Terry Bogard’s Challenger Pack launches today, November 6, for $6. He’s also included as part of the $25 Fighter’s Pass, which still has one more unrevealed fighter to add to the game.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/terry-bogard-is-now-available-on-super-smash-bros-/1100-6471206/

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