The Division 2 — Early Review, Release Date, And Everything You Need To Know

The Division 2 is here, now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC if you’ve bought one of the game’s special editions. An online action role-playing game, The Division 2 places an emphasis on squad-based combat, with teammates firing from cover and working together to take down groups of enemies. Which isn’t to say, you can’t tackle The Division 2’s world alone. If you want to be a lone wolf who traverses the violent streets of Washington DC, you can.

Taking place seven months after the events of the first game, The Division 2 reworks its predecessor’s loot-focused shooter gameplay. Enemies still take more bullets to go down than what’s believable, but they’re not the bullet sponges found in The Division. Ubisoft has also crafted The Division 2 to have a greater focus on endgame play, incorporating more than one Dark Zone, powerful late-game loot, and raids–which can be tackled with up to eight players. From what we’ve seen so far, The Division 2 seems to improve upon its predecessor’s format in every way. So if you missed 2016’s The Division, you might want to consider picking up its sequel.

What You Need To Know

The Division 2 is the follow-up to 2016’s The Division, continuing the story of a broken US after a smallpox epidemic struck the country on Black Friday 2015. With the country falling apart, the US government activates the sleeper agents that work for the Strategic Homeland Division, who have been secretly living amongst the populace for years. Division agents are ordered to aid humanitarian efforts and emergency responders, as well as respond to emerging criminal groups with highly advanced military grade hardware and weaponry. The first game took place in New York City in the winter following the outbreak, while The Division 2 moves the setting to the country’s capital, Washington DC, in the spring.

Release Date And Price

The Division 2’s official release date is March 15, but the game has technically already come out via its staggered launch schedule. Pre-ordering the standard edition of The Division 2 gets you the game on March 15. It’s also the cheapest version of the game, with a retail price of $60 USD. You can play the game right now by buying the Gold and Ultimate editions of the game–the former has a retail cost of $110 while the latter goes for $120. There are also Dark Zone Definitive and Phoenix Shield editions of the game as well, which are the Ultimate edition plus physical collectibles. The Dark Zone Definitive Edition has a retail price of $190 and Phoenix Shield goes for $250.


We don’t have a full review of The Division 2 yet, but GameSpot editor and senior video producer Edmond Tran has compiled his initial impressions of the game before publishing a full review. “But it’s only been a day, and I’ve only played for about ten hours,” Edmond writes. “I’ve finished 27% of the primary missions and my character is level 12 out of a possible 30. A lot of my observations here might not be particularly groundbreaking if you spent a large amount of time with the original The Division or The Division 2 beta, but there’s still a lot of the campaign left to see, and an allegedly enormous endgame. It’s important that I take the time to get to that point and see everything for myself, and I’m eager to see whether The Division 2 will still have the chops to keep me hooked when I hit the level cap and stop having a story to chase. Back to sightseeing, for now.”

Our Impressions

We’ve kept an eye on The Division 2 since its announcement, and had our first opportunity to publish impressions for the game during E3 2018. Below, you’ll find the list of some features we’ve done for The Division 2.


If you just want a taste of The Division 2, watch the first eight minutes of the game below. We’ve also captured gameplay for what it’s like to hunt other players in The Division 2’s Dark Zones.

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