The Division 2 Will Reward Whoever Completes Its New Raid First

Ubisoft has announced the first raid for The Division 2, titled Operation Dark Hours, goes live on May 16 at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM BST. The Division 2 is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Regardless of where you play, you’ll unlock an exclusive reward if your squad completes Operation Dark Hours before anyone else.

“The first team to complete Operation Dark Hours after it goes live will be forever immortalized in-game by having their team photo and names displayed in The Division 2’s White House for all players to see,” a Ubisoft press release reads. “All other players that complete Operation Dark Hours between May 16 and May 23 will receive a commemorative Arm Patch, while players who complete the raid after those dates will be rewarded with a clan banner icon and a trophy in their clan space.”

Operation Dark Hours will be available for players who’ve reached World Tier 5 and defeated Tidal Basin. Taking place in Washington National Airport, the eight-player raid will task you with retaking the location after it falls into the hands of the Black Tusks. You’ll be able to earn exclusive loot for completing the raid, ranging from new gear sets to exotic weapons and unique rewards.

Initially, Title Update 3–which adds Operation Dark Hours to The Division 2–was supposed to raise the Tom Clancy game’s maximum Gear Score to 515. However, community complaints caused Ubisoft to go back on the decision, and keep the maximum Gear Score capped (for now) at 500. “We don’t want to invalidate your progression and we heard that feedback loud and clear from our community,” Ubisoft said.

In our The Division 2 review, Edmond Tran wrote, “[The narrative] letdown is hard to ignore for the game’s initial hours, but the strength of the systems and design that fuel The Division 2 as a game are compelling enough to keep you captivated for dozens more. The range of enemy types continues to keep combat encounters challenging, the equipment I earn and pick up continues to feel different, valuable, and asks me to consider new ways of play. The ravaged environments continue to intrigue, and sometimes they’re so stunning I find myself needing to take screenshots before I move on. It might not have much to say, but The Division 2 is a perpetual cycle of tension, relief, and reward that’s difficult to stay away from.”

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