The Forest Sequel Sons Of The Forest Announced At The Game Awards

Frightening survival game The Forest is getting a sequel, and it looks altogether weirder and more disturbing than its predecessor. The game was announced with a new trailer at The Game Awards that showed strange creatures awaiting you when you’re trapped in the woods once again.

The trailer, playing from a first-person perspective, started with a group of soldiers on a helicopter, with the player character revealing a wrist tattoo that read, “Fight demons.” That ominous start led to a helicopter crash, stranding the soldiers in the ominous titular forest. You can check out the trailer here.

As in the first game, it seems you’ll encounter some frightening semi-human creatures, including a blind cave dweller. But the other inhabitants of the woods seem to be a little more complex and spooky than in the first game; the trailer also showed a woman-like creature dancing through the woods, with altogether too many legs.

In the end, the trailer left more questions than answers, with no release date or platforms listed when it concluded. But like the first game, the trailer suggested cooperative gameplay and surviving with whatever you can find on-hand.

The Game Awards has promised a ton of new game reveals in addition to the awards. We’ll be keeping track of the big ones, including the winners, so stay tuned.

from GameSpot – Game News

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