The League Of Legends Louis Vuitton Collection Is Outside Our Price Range

Louis Vuitton has unveiled the LVxLoL Collection, made up of 34 items inspired by League of Legends. These clothing items, which pulls elements of the game’s aesthetic into the world of high fashion, retail at extremely high prices–not unusual for Louis Vuitton, but higher than you might be used to for gaming apparel.

Some are quite subtle in their gaming links–this $345 diamond bracelet will only be identifiable as a game tribute by people in the know–while others, like this $670 t-shirt, are more transparently based on the game. On the cheaper end of the scale, a monogram bandeau will set you back $170; on the other hand, you could spend $5650 on a biker jacket. The bumbag pictured below costs $2400.

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The page also features several models showing what different outfits you could potentially put together from this range might look like; a few examples are collected below. Obviously, these full ensembles are going to set you back a bit.

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December has been a big month for League of Legends developer Riot Games, with the announcement of Riot Forge and a move into publishing. We also found out now long ago that they’re working on a fighting game and shooter. It hasn’t all been good news, though, with the studio also recently settling a sexual discrimination lawsuit, following a 2018 report by Kotaku on the studio’s culture of sexism.

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