The Witcher 3 Comes To Daemon X Machina With Crossover Content

Nintendo Switch exclusive Daemon X Machina is getting a curious crossover, with The Witcher 3 characters now available on the Japanese Switch eShop. With the massive RPG having recently come to Switch, it makes some sense for Geralt and Ciri to have made their way over to the mech action title. The two characters are free to download if you have the game, and they’re controllable during the game’s missions once you have them.

The footage below shows Geralt and Ciri in action, sporting a new cel-shaded appearance as they run through the game world.

It’s not yet clear whether this content will get a Western release yet; Daemon X Machina has received a few crossover pieces of DLC in Japan, themed around anime like Eureka Seven and Code Geass, that have not made their way outside the country. The game’s content roadmap for December mentions that co-op missions are due for the game this month.

Daemon X Machina received a 7/10 in our review when it launched in September. Reviewer Steve Watts wrote that it was “on the verge of greatness; it just needed a little more time in the shop tinkering.”

from GameSpot – Game News

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