This Homemade Fire-Breathing Metal Nintendo 64 Is Everything We Want In A Console

This custom-built, flame-shooting Nintendo 64 console might be the coolest thing you see today.

The system, made by BitHead1000, is a full refit of an N64 that strips out all non-essential components, replaces the outer casing with a new custom-built metal replica, and allows the player to shoot flames from their system.

The video below contains the entire build process sped up. We wouldn’t recommend trying this at home unless you’re a professional.

By the end, Bithead1000 has a full working system – you can watch him play Banjo-Kazooie on his newly built console – but at the press of a button the system can shoot out twin arcs of flame, making this the most metal Nintendo 64 we’ve ever seen.

It even has a metal cut 3D ‘N’, like the system’s logo, that spins on the front as you play, complete with a red backlight. It’s an extremely cool build.

You can support Bithead1000 on Patreon.

from GameSpot – Game News

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