Wargroove Free DLC To Add Co-Op Campaign And New Commanders

Indie studio Chucklefish has announced a huge update coming to its strategy game Wargroove. The “Double Trouble” DLC will come to all platforms for free, and brings a co-op story campaign, additional commanders, units, editor tools, and more.

According to the announcement, Double Trouble’s new story campaign stars a league of roguish troublemakers as its new Outlaw Commanders: Wulfar, Errol and Orla, and Vesper. You’ll be able to play the new story campaign co-op online or on the couch, or solo if that’s your groove. It will also introduce two new units, Thieves and Riflemen. Thieves can lift gold from enemy encampments and strongholds, while Riflemen are strong but ammo-limited range fighters.

The update also includes competitive online Quick Play maps, public and private multiplayer lobbies, new arcade missions, and a Volcano theme along with a host of editor tools. You’ll be able to use unit modifiers, indicators for special criteria like where the last attacker was, counters, and much more.

Plus the update will introduce a series of balance changes. Many of them are cost adjustments to units, along with tweaks to damage or special abilities. You can check out the full list of announced balance adjustments below.

No release date is set for Double Trouble, but Chucklefish says it’s in the final stages of testing and will be ready soon. The studio will be hosting a look at the DLC on its Twitch channel on October 15. Plus it reiterated that its physical edition is incoming on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on October 29. In GameSpot’s Wargroove review, Chris Pereira called it a “delight to play.”

Wargroove Double Trouble Balance Changes

  • Spearmen – Cost increased 150 => 250 gold
  • Dogs – Cost decreased 200 => 150 gold
  • Amphibians – Damage vs structures reduced, crit damage now 45-55 => 35-45
  • Amphibians – Cost increased 250 => 350 gold
  • Trebuchets = Cost increased 900 => 1000
  • Balloons – Cost decreased 500 => 450
  • Balloons – Can now only carry the same units as wagons
  • Harpies – Minimum base damage vs structures 45% => 50%
  • Koji – Drones now take 50% damage from all units instead of 800% damage
  • Sedge – Sadistic rush charge speed, very slow => slow
  • Tenri – Tornado charge speed, medium => slow
  • “M” (secret Commander) – Groove charge speed, slow => medium
  • Ryota – Blade dash charge speed, medium => fast
  • Ryota – Blade dash now starts at 50% commander damage
  • Ryota – Blade dash now increases in damage by 5% commander damage per “jump” on blade dash route.
  • Ryota – Can now dash through neutral structures
  • Commander – Minimum base damage vs soldiers 95% => 115%
  • Commander – Minimum base damage vs spearmen 65% => 75%
  • Critical hits no longer increase RNG damage range. All damage is max +/- 5%, even after crit
  • Killing non unit summons (vines, crystals, etc) will no longer build groove

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/wargroove-free-dlc-to-add-co-op-campaign-and-new-c/1100-6470531/

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