Xbox Shows Project xCloud In Action, Playing Forza Horizon 4 On A Phone

During the latest Inside Xbox livestream, Microsoft’s Project xCloud tech was shown off in action. Project xCloud allows games to be streamed directly to devices via hardware in remote data centers, letting you play games through a sufficiently high-speed internet connection. Specifically, Forza Horizon 4 was shown running on an Android-based phone connected wirelessly to an Xbox One controller.

Xbox’s head of gaming cloud Kareem Choudhry said that public trials for Project xCloud will begin this year, though a specific timing window was not given. Not much else was said in terms of details, but Microsoft dug into the tech a bit last year with a video discussing how the tech works. At E3 2018, head of Xbox Phil Spencer made mention of game streaming during the company’s keynote presentation, and stressed that the tech will deliver “console-quality gaming on any device.”

Cloud-based gaming is a fairly new and complex technology, and it’s a good thing we have you covered; be sure to check out our detailed explainer on everything you need to know about cloud gaming.

Recently, I reviewed the cloud-based streaming service called Shadow and its set-top box Shadow Ghost. The service gives you access to a powerful gaming PC and streams the video feed of that PC to any device that can run the Shadow application. While it had some issues, Shadow worked especially well for non-competitive gaming experiences.

Inside Xbox had a few other big stories. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is set to launch on PC through a gradual rollout starting later this year with each game in the package sold separately. Halo: Reach will be the first of the series’ lineup to hit the PC. Reach will also come to the Xbox One version of the collection with multiplayer available for existing owners; the campaign and Firefight mode will be separate paid DLC. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to access all of the additional content when the update comes.

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