You Can Finally Get Destiny 2’s PS4-Exclusive Gear On Xbox One And PC

Since the inception of Destiny, Activision has had an exclusivity arrangement with Sony that saw content released on PlayStation platforms first. With Bungie striking out on its own, that deal has finally ended, meaning the last pieces of Destiny 2‘s PS4-exclusive content (released as part of the Forsaken expansion last year) are now available for the very first time on PC and Xbox One. If you’re a player on either of those platforms, here’s what you can look forward to finally getting your hands on.

Exotic Weapon: Wavesplitter

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Perhaps most notable of all is the formerly exclusive Exotic weapon Wavesplitter. This is a trace rifle, of which there are very few in Destiny 2. We noted in August that it was possible for PC and Xbox One players to finally acquire it through some cross-save trickery. Because it was included in Xur’s Fated engram, you could in theory jump on a PS4 and effectively buy the gun directly. If you did that, it should now finally be usable on PC or Xbox One. If not, you’ll be able to find it through Exotic engrams or as a very rare world drop. Alternatively, you can buy a Fated engram once Xur arrives this Friday for a shot at getting one.

New Armor

Next up is a new set of armor for each of the three classes. Titans get the Mimetic Savior set, Hunters get Red Moon Phantom, and Warlocks get Thorium Holt. There’s no direct means of obtaining these, as you’ll need to simply get lucky with Legendary engrams or faction rank-up reward packages. In the early going with Shadowkeep, I’ve already happened upon two of the armor pieces for Titans, though your miles will certainly vary. Whatever the case, you can expect these to drop as Armor 2.0 versions.

Titan’s Mimetic Savior Set

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Warlock’s Thorium Holt Set

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Hunter’s Red Moon Phantom Set

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New Ship

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Additionally, there’s a new ship called The Great Beyond, which you can get by completing Spider’s wanted escapee bounties.

New Strike

In terms of playable content, there’s also a new Strike called Broodhold that’s set on the Tangled Shore and has you taking on the Hive. If you’re eager to see what you’ve been missing, you can launch directly into the Strike from the Director; you’ll see an icon for it to the left of the map when checking out the Tangled Shore.

Beyond this old content that Xbox One and PC users finally have access to, there’s also a new Exotic that Destiny 2 Shadowkeep and New Light players can look forward to getting. Eriana’s Vow is part of the new battle pass reward track, and if you’ve bought Shadowkeep (thus granting you access to the Season of the Undying’s premium rewards tier), you can acquire this Exotic gun and a set of armor right away. For free players, you’ll need to advance further into the battle pass before snagging the weapon.

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