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World Of Warcraft Classic Post-Launch Content Drops Has Been Outlined

Blizzard has outlined post-launch plans for World of Warcraft Classic, which includes regular content drops. New content will come to the MMORPG over the course of six phases.

“Our focus is still primarily on player power-progression, but we’re also aiming to capture what it felt like to play in a realm community in original WoW,” Blizzard community manager Randy Jordan wrote in a forum post. “To do that, we’re planning to mirror the approach taken by original WoW, with patches paired together. We’ll launch Classic with content from original WoW through patch 1.2.x, then the second update will include content that was in original WoW 1.3 and 1.4, the third Classic update will have 1.5 and 1.6 content, and so on.”

Blizzard hasn’t announced an exact launch date for phases two through six. Also, PvP content is currently not listed in any of the phases, as Blizzard is “still evaluating” all of the options for how PvP rewards might work. For now, phase one–which is the launch of WoW Classic alongside its Molten Core, Onyxia, and Maraudon updates–is scheduled for Summer 2019. The list of all six phases and what’s included in each are outlined below.

World of Warcraft Classic Content Drop Schedule

Phase 1 (Classic Launch)

  • Molten Core
  • Onyxia
  • Maraudon

Phase 2

  • Dire Maul
  • Azuregos
  • Kazzak

Phase 3

  • Blackwing Lair
  • Darkmoon Faire
  • Darkmoon deck drops begin

Phase 4

  • Zul’Gurub
  • Green Dragons

Phase 5

  • Ahn’Qiraj War Effort begins
  • Ahn’Qiraj raids open when the war effort dictates
  • Dungeon loot reconfiguration: Tier 0.5 Dungeon gear, Relics, drop rates and location changes

Phase 6

  • Naxxramas
  • Scourge Invasion

WoW Classic allows you to experience the original World of Warcraft game as it was from the very beginning, with the added benefit of quality of life changes. “[We] don’t want to ruin the experience,” WoW Classic production director John Hight told GameSpot. “It has to be an authentic experience. But by the same token, people don’t want some of the funky bugs that we had back then.”

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The Next Apex Legends Character Has Potentially Leaked

A new Apex Legends character has potentially leaked online.

Twitter user @shrugtal found an image of what could be a new character on EA’s servers, where it remains in the back-end, still live as of time of writing. The URL for the image also mentions the Season 1 Battle Pass for Apex Legends, which has a rumored launch date of March 12.

Initially, the image apparently included text that had details of the character, Octane, and shrugtal reported that it was taken down after 10 minutes. However, we cannot confirm this ourselves at the current time.

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New Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Mode, Spoils Of War, Now Live

Rockstar has rolled out a new batch of content for Red Dead Redemption 2‘s online component, Red Dead Online. This week’s update introduces a new assortment of clothing and accessories, but the biggest addition is a new Showdown mode: Spoils of War.

Rockstar describes Spoils of War as “a frontier take on capture-style multiplayer.” The mode supports two to 16 players and has teams vying to steal loot from the opposing side while defending their own supply. The team that’s able to pilfer the most loot by the end of the match will be declared the winner.

Spoils of War is playable on “a variety of locations,” including Valentine and Fort Mercer. As an added incentive to try the new mode, Rockstar is rewarding players with eight Dynamite Arrows for winning one Spoils of War match. Additionally, the developer is doling out a 20% XP boost in all Showdown modes this week.

Alongside Spoils of War, Rockstar has introduced an assortment of rare clothing items to Red Dead Online. These articles can be purchased from the Wheeler, Rawson & Co Catalogue beginning today, March 12, but they’ll only be available for a limited time. The new clothes include:

  • The Tasman Outfit (Male only)
  • The Danube Outfit (Female only)
  • Tied Pants
  • Hitched Skirt (Female only)
  • Winter Shotgun Coat
  • Gardenia Hat
  • Squat Stovepipe Top Hat

Last week’s Red Dead Online update introduced the Fool’s Gold Free Roam event, while future updates will bring additional Showdown modes called Up in Smoke and Plunder. Also on the way to the game are Target Races, which have players racing on horseback and shooting at targets, fishing challenges, and more.

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