LoL: Winner And Losers Of Preseason 11- Top Lane Edition

Which top laners should you be playing in the preseason?

Preseason has settled down and Riot doesn’t plan on making any big changes before Season 11. Get a head start on your competition by learning the meta and picking the champions that won the preseason.

S Tier – Champions that you should pick if they aren’t banned

Splash art of Odyssey Malphite with the champion towering as a mountian creature as he stands menacingly


Malphite – The rock in the top lane, a champion that is relatively easy to play and has a strong impact on the game.

  • Malphite is a tank that benefits from the Season 11 item changes, with more ability haste built into his items, he comes online much faster.
  • Point and click ultimate is easy to use and counters tons of champions with high mobility
  • Scaling, compared to his peers Malphite is a tank that scales better into the late-game. Malphite’s armor and shields only increase in strength as the game goes on thanks to his synergizing passives.

Kayle – The hard carry that can’t be nerfed, if you want to hard carry from top lane, Kayle is your champ.

  • Kayle brings Ability Power to the table while being a ranged top laner that is hard to shutdown.
  • Items only enhance Kayle’s scaling as she scales with levels that evolve her champion’s capabilities.
  • Kayle has been nerfed multiple times, but innate scaling and item synergies allow Kayle to maintain relevance in season 11.

Shen – Win games by influencing the map; Shen brings pressure to the game the moment he hits level six.

  • Global ultimate that can change the outcome of the game with a click of a button
  • High utility, has a taunt, a shield from auto-attacks and a global shield that can act as a teleport
  • Despite being a tank Shen has a strong presence in lane with a built-in shield and enhanced auto-attack damage. This allows Shen to win matchups and snowball his lane and win the game.

A Tier – Champions that are strong, but require a little more work to pull off

The splash art of League of Legends champion Aatrox, with him crouching down and holding a massive glowing red sword

Aatrox – The quintessential Goredrinker abuser

  • Insane synergy with Goredrinker allows Aatrox to get in and deal massive amounts of damage while healing up back to full.
  • Has decent matchups across the board allowing him to be picked early on without worrying too much about counter picks

Camille – High skill cap top laner for those who want to show off their mechanical prowess

  • Camille is a mechanical champion that takes a lot of skill to pull off, however, for those who can handle her, she has the ability to 1v9 games.
  • Capability to kill both tanks and squishies with built-in True Damage to her Q.
  • Synergizes well with champions due to her ultimate that lets her lockdown any target

Maokai – A simple lockdown champion for those looking to bring utility from the top lane.

  • The extra damage addition to Sunfire in season 11 has allowed Maokai to trade better in matchups that used to be harder for him in the past.
  • The lockdown capability of his kit allows Maokai to negate the enemy carries and let his own teammates have room to work with
  • Like Malphite, having added ability haste to abilities make Maokai come online faster and bring more to the table.

B Tier – Viable, but have less impact than higher tiers

The splash art for Royal Guard Fiora from League of Legends, with her holding her rapier upwards and a crowd behind her

Fiora – One v One queen, insane side lane splitter

  • Fiora is an extremely good side laner who can manage to outplay anyone with her outplay potential
  • While considered a tank killer she currently struggles against meta picks who build Sunfire.
  • Synergizes well with new items along with the added ability to build grievous wounds from Chempunk Chainsword allowing her to one v one champions with heavy healing.

Wukong – Strong champion that struggles in lane versus meta picks

  • Wukong is a beast outside of lane phase, with invisibility and two knock-ups he can make the game impossible to play for enemy carries
  • While powerful, Wukong struggles against meta tanks and loses kill pressure as the tanks scale into mid-late game.
  • Needs to snowball lane to have an impact on the game

Cho’Gath – Infinitely scaling tank that has good matchups into meta picks

  • Cho’Gath is a tank top that performs well into other tank top laners making him a good blind pick for top lane
  • Lacks consistency compared to other top laners such as Shen or Malphite who both have point and click abilities to help their team win.
  • Infinite scaling on Cho’Gath’s ultimate allows his team to always have the better frontline in the late-game.

Losers of the Preseason (Don’t play these champions)

Splash art for League of Legends champion Gangplank, a pirate with an old pistol crushing an orange in his hand

Gangplank – The man crit items forgot about

  • Itemization towards Infinity Edge’s cost efficiency point is much harder for Gangplank to obtain, forcing him to go towards Attack Damage builds.
  • Comes online too late in the game to have any impact on the game’s outcome.
  • No longer hyper scales into the late-game due to Critical Strike changes.

Jayce – The lane bully that can’t beat tanks

  • Low outplay potential against tanks that lock him down.
  • Easily campable and provides little to his team when behind.
  • Weak itemization choices after his first two core items making him have trouble scaling.

Sett – The tank killer who has no itemization choices

  • No synergy with mythic items forces Sett to choose between lackluster builds.
  • Blade of the Ruined King second gives Sett decent side-laning but struggles in skirmishes outside of lane phase.
  • Due to itemizing towards tankier builds in the late game, Sett only has a small window in the early game where he outshines his counterparts.

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Doublelift Retires From Pro League of Legends

One of North America’s most iconic players is leaving the spotlight.

Today, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng has announced his retirement from LoL pro play. Those who have watched the LCS for years undoubtedly know this name and know it well. He’s had an incredible career throughout his years of playing and is a huge personality. However, it’s now time for him to move on to new endeavors.

Doublelift began his career all the way back in Season One. He had his fair share of struggles in the beginning but kept persevering. In 2011, he joined CLG, where he primarily stayed until 2015. Then, he moved to TSM, where his career really kicked off. After this, he won multiple LCS titles and solidified his place as a top-tier ADC player. As a result, when Team Liquid put together their dominant 2018 squad, Doublelift was an easy choice. From here, the star player won even more titles and had more World Championship appearances. Most recently he was back on TSM, reunited with some former teammates, but wasn’t able to find the success he wanted. Though they won the 2020 LCS Summer Split, TSM’s Worlds run was a dreadful 0-6 and prompted intense outcry from the community.

Interestingly enough, Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg also decided to retire as a pro player very recently. But he’s moving on to a coaching position with his long-time org TSM, so something similar could be in the cards for Doublelift. It’s unclear at the moment, as Doublelift could also choose to pursue streaming as a full-time option like Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi did not so long ago.

Finally, Doublelift’s departure leaves a big question mark for TSM. They now have to find a new ADC player, though most highly-rated players are signed or spoken for thus far.

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LoL: Fnatic Signs YamatoCannon As Head Coach

Fnatic has signed a new head coach for the 2021 season with, Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi stepping in to replace Alfonso “Mithy” Aguirre Rodríguez.

Yamato will join Fnatic having spent part of 2020 in the LCK with SANDBOX Gaming, becoming the first Western coach to do so. His team ended the 2020 LCK Summer Split in ninth place overall, with a 14-25 match record. Yamato returns to the LEC having previously coached at Roccat, Splyce, and Team Vitality. Across his time in the LEC/EULCS, he’s at just over a 50% win/loss record.

Yamato has also been a popular part of the LEC and Worlds analyst desk. He was commonplace before he moved to the LCK and continued to be so on his return to Europe at the end of the LCK split.

Yamato joining leaves the issue of Mithy to deal with. He spent his first year as a coach with Fnatic and was largely seen on the outside as having done a good job. He helped turn around a fairly poor season into a Worlds Quarterfinals finish. While we don’t know where he’ll end up just yet, speculation persists that he could be reunited with Luka “Perkz” Perković and Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen if the deal for Perkz to join Cloud9 is completed.

One large roster gap to fill

It looks like Yamato already has most of his 2021 LEC roster locked in, with Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer joining from Cloud9 and Zdravets “Hylissang” Iliev Galabov singing a new deal. The major void in the roster comes in the form of long-term ADC Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, who joined rival G2 Esports after he was made a free agent. Early reports have linked Fnatic with a number of ADCs, but nothing concrete has surfaced thus far.

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League of Legends Patch 10.24 Analysis And Highlights

What the upcoming Patch 10.24 means for you.

The first update of the preseason is here amongst the craziness of the new item changes. These first few weeks have been wild but things are finally starting to settle down a bit. As expected, there are some over and underperformers so far due to all these changes. Because of this, Riot is looking to put in some nerfs and buffs, primarily to items, to help balance the game and get it on the right track. Here are some of the most impactful changes and how you can expect them to impact the current meta.

The Current Meta

League of Legends champion Amumu, a sad mummy, holds his head up with his arm

Tanks are still dominating the meta and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Patch 10.24 has no changes to Sunfire Aegis, which means we’re most likely going to see champions such as Malphite, Shen and a few other frontliners who build Sunfire Aegis leading the pack. However, Amumu may be the odd one out as a tank who is impacted by the 10.24 changes. Amumu’s W is going to be dealing less damage and his core item Demonic Embrace is also coming under some nerfs to its damage over time. Expect Amumu to fall out of favor as other tanks rise up and take his place.

Ability Power Champions

League of Legends champion Fizz with the Atlantean Fizz skin on with a shark behind him

AP champions have had some of the strongest Mythic Items created for their class. However, with 10.24 we’re going to be seeing almost all the AP Mythic Items nerfed across the board as Riot looks to balance the game heading into Season 11. The AP Mythic Items (except Everfrost) now all deal slightly less damage and provide less movement speed to those who buy them. What this means for the players is that AP champions now have more counterplay. Their one-shot capabilities, as well as outplay potential, have decreased leaving more room for players to have a chance to fight back. On the other hand, Crit champions might finally have a shot at having a foothold in the meta.

Crit Champions

The splash art for League of Legends champion Caitlyn, a female sheriff with a big hat and massive rifle

Other than Samira and Jhin, ADCs and Crit champions alike have struggled to find their place in the Preseason. With Infinity Edge no longer providing an immediate increase in damage and a flat-lined power spike, Crit champions no longer have an edge on their competition. Auto-attack based champions should finally begin to see some play with buffs to the Kraken Slayer’s true damage and Phantom Dancer’s passive. ADCs might finally be able to fulfill their role as tank killers and get a chance to play the game.

Final Thoughts

Riot is continuously monitoring the patches as they go out and they have shown that they’re willing to hotfix items and champions that are overtuned. We can expect tanks to still lead the meta with no changes to Sunfire Aegis, but ADCs might finally be able to answer these dominant frontliners. Mages and AP champions are going to be significantly weaker after this patch losing some of their one-shot and outplay capabilities. Lastly, keep an eye on Tryndamere who is receiving a buff this patch, along with the changes to the crit items.

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LoL: Fnatic Re-signs Former Mid Laner Nisqy

Fnatic will sign a new mid laner for 2021, with Nisqy leaving Cloud9 to link back up with the team he left in 2017.

After a crazy transfer situation which saw Luca “Perkz” Perkovic move to Cloud9 for a report $4 million-plus, and Fnatic ADC Martin “Rekkles” Larsson make an equality sensational move to G2 Esports, Fnatic have looked to make changes in the mid lane.

Nisqy began his career with Fnatic in 2016, playing for their Academy side. He would later move to the LCS with Team EnVyUs in 2017. Nisqy had a good first stint in the LCS before moving back to Europe with Splyce in 2018. He returned back once more to the LCS with Cloud9 in 2019 where he won the LCS Spring Split. Sadly, he was unable to attend Worlds 2020 with Cloud9 after they capitulated towards the end of the 2020 Summer Split.

Fnatic moving on from Nemesis

It might not be a surprise for most to see Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek not retain his spot for 2021. The mid laner has struggled in the LEC and his time is now up as Fnatic looks to former Cloud9 mid laner Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer to fill the void.

Nemesis has spent the past two seasons with Fnatic and it had been hoped that pairing him with Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek would improve his performances in 2020. However, despite Selfmade hitting the ground running, Nemesis was never able to live up to what Fnatic had before. Currently, rumors have Nemesis heading to the LCS, though no team is yet known.

In other news for Fnatic, they have managed to lock down their support Zdravets “Hylissang” Iliev Galabox to a new deal. The organization continues to search for a new ADC.

Keep up to date with all the roster moves during the 2020-2021 free agency period at our dedicated tracker here.

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LoL: Counter Logic Gaming Signs WildTurtle

Counter Logic Gaming has confirmed that WIldTurtle will be the team’s starting ADC for 2021.

LCS journeyman, Jason “WildTurtle” Tran, is the new starting ADC for CLG for 2021, having spent the past four years at FlyQuest and their Academy roster. WildTurtle will join what is looking like an exciting CLG roster for 2021. He’ll join new signings Mad “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen, Finn “Finn” Wiesta and will link up with Andy “Smoothie” Ta and Eugene “Pobelter” Park.

WildTurtle has spent previous seasons at FlyQuest, TSM, Immortals, and Cloud9 over his long seven-year LCS career thus far. Like a lot of the CLG roster, he might not come with huge fanfare, however, he’s a safe pick and the sort of pickup a roster needs after spending the previous season as arguably the worst side in the LCS.

CLG had a disappointing 2020, finishing the Spring Split in 10th place and Summer Split in 9th. Failing to qualify for playoffs on both occasions. CLG has, however, made improvements, with Finn joining from Rogue and Broxah moving from Team Liquid, the squad has winners. It also has a wealth of LCS experience, which should help them in what looks like a highly competitive 2021 LCS.

Time will tell how this new roster comes together, especially in an LCS that looks more competitive than ever in 2021. CLG will certainly hope and need, to improve on 2020 and at first glance, this roster looks like it will manage it.

Keep up to date with all the roster moves during the 2020-2021 free agency period at our dedicated tracker here.

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LoL: Cloud9 Signs Perkz From G2 Esports

Cloud9 pulled off the biggest deal of the 2020 free agency window with the signing of G2 Esports’ Perkz as their starting mid laner for 2021.

Luka “Perkz” Perković announcing he would be leaving G2 Esports after he decided to move back to the mid lane was one of the biggest moments of the offseason. G2 Esports, to their credit, allowed Perkz to move on, though they were keen not to let him move to Fnatic. Despite some early interest from LEC sides Vitality and Misfits, Perkz ultimately chose to go to the LCS with Cloud9.

Perkz has been an amazing player on G2 Esports and has been the team’s one constant through both their dynasty rosters. Perkz’s move to Cloud9 had massive implications for G2 Esports who found themselves looking for a new ADC. Thankfully for them, not so for Fnatic, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson was available and G2 Esports snapped him up. Fnatic now must find a new ADC.

Looking ahead

Despite his success, It’s understandable why G2 would stick with Caps in the mid lane. He’s arguably the best player Europe has ever produced and is always in the conversation with regards to the best players in the world. Perkz was a leader at G2, however, and the sort of player that you’d want to join a team to play with. The sort of player that a team could use to bring other players to their roster.

Perkz has also been very consistent in his time in Europe, something the LCS is sorely lacking. His arrival at Cloud9 will certainly send a shockwave through the LCS, especially to other mid laners. The question will be how quickly Perkz can readjust to the mid lane after his time at ADC. For Perkz, the recent massive changes to the in-game item shop are likely to aid him, as players have to relearn champion builds and matchups anyway.

Despite victory in the 2020 Spring Split, Cloud9 was unable to do the same in Summer. Losing to TSM 3-1 in the Semi-Final also meant Cloud9 failed to make an appearance at Worlds, something they’ll be looking to put right in 2021.

Keep up to date with all the roster moves during the 2020-2021 free agency period at our dedicated tracker here.

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LoL: G2 Esports Sign Rekkles

After leaving Fnatic earlier this week, Rekkles has found a new home at rival organizations G2 Esports.

It’s probably the biggest shock of the off-season, right behind Luka “Perkz” Perković leaving G2 to move to the LCS. Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, who spent the last six years at Fnatic, has finally called time on his Fnatic career as he moves to G2 Esports as their starting ADC.

While the move may seem like a shock, it was always the best option for both G2 Esports and Rekkles once it became clear that Perkz would look to head back to mid lane. Obviously, with Fnatic having approached G2 Esports about signing Perkz, who now looks set to join Cloud9, G2 Esports is the clear winner in this situation.

Rekkles has spent a total of eight years with Fnatic, split over two periods with the organization and has picked up 26 first-place tournament finishes, playing 566 games and an impressive 6.6 KDA. At G2 Esports he’ll look to build on another impressive season in 2020 with a new roster and finally get himself some international silverware.

Now the pressure moves to Fnatic, who must replace their franchise man with a new player. With a mid laner still not confirmed, and though Tim “Nemesis” Lipovsek is still under contract, speculation has seen him linked with a move to the LCS the most likely outcome. Fnatic has at least confirmed support Zdravets “Hylissang” Iliev Galabov has signed a new deal, though we don’t know who his ADC will be.

The news of Rekkles signing now confirms G2 Esports’ roster for 2021, as they look to take yet more LEC titles in 2021.

Keep up to date with all the roster moves during the 2020-2021 free agency period at our dedicated tracker here.

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LoL: All LEC And LCS Roster Moves For 2020-2021 Free Agency

With so many roster moves taking place, we’ve compiled a list of them here.

The free agency period opened up for League of Legends pro players all over the world on November 16. Now, teams are officially allowed to make deals and create new rosters for the 2021 season. As always, players are transferring all over, even over oceans, so we’ve put together a list of all the roster swaps, moves and changes to have it all in one place!

As a note, there may be some deals announced that end up falling through, so check back every so often to make sure everything is in order!

Pre-free agency moves

10/14- Deficio joins Misfits: Former caster Deficio joins Misfits Gaming as their new Director.

10/19- Cloud9 Promotes Fudge to Starting Roster and Reignover to Head Coach role: C9, ahead of releasing Licorice, promoted Academy top laner Fudge to the starting role. In addition, former Academy coach Reignover takes the Head Coach role left vacant by Reapered.

10/22- Dignitas resigns Dardoch as starting jungler for 2021: Dignitas confirms that Dardoch will stay with the team for at least another year. He joined the org after a difficult 2020 Spring Split with TSM.

10/24- Bjergsen retires as player, becomes TSM’s Head Coach: After a long, successful career playing, Bjergsen starts a new journey as TSM’s new coach.

10/25- (Unconfirmed officially): Alphari rumored to be moving to Team Liquid: As Impact departs TL, the team is rumored to be adding star-LEC top laner Alphari to its ranks.

11/4- Evil Geniuses acquire Peter Dun as new Head Coach, Bang leaves EG: Peter Dun, after building up the 2020 MAD Lions team, joins EG. Meanwhile, former World Champion Bang departs the organization.

11/7- Jensen re-signs with Team Liquid: Legendary mid laner Jensen resigns with Team Liquid after a crazy 2020 season.

11/10- (Unconfirmed officially) Perkz in for big-money move to the LCS: It was reported that Perkz, formerly of G2, is moving to NA. Cloud9 is expected to pay a huge amount of money for the wildly successful player.

11/11- (Unconfirmed officially) PowerOfEvil to Replace Bjergsen at TSM: Former FlyQuest mid laner takes the place of iconic TSM mid laner Bjergsen as he moves on to Head Coach of the organization.

11/11- (Unconfirmed officially) Misfits rumored to sign Vander as starting support: Vander had a great 2020 with Rogue but is rumored to be moving on. His destination seems to be Misfits Gaming.

Free agency moves: Nov. 16

11/16- Rogue signs Odoamne, promotes Trymbi from Academy: After almost making the S04 miracle run happen in the LEC Summer Split, Odoamne moves to Rogue to test his luck there while the org promotes Trymbi to the starting support position.

11/16- TSM signs Huni for 2021: Beloved personality and legendary player Huni officially joins the ranks of TSM.

11/16- FlyQuest signs Licorice, Palafox and Diamond: Three former C9 players make their way to FlyQuest together. They’ll look to continue to improve the org after a breakout 2020 season.

11/16- Counter Logic Gaming signs Broxah: After a tumultuous 2020, Broxah swaps from Team Liquid to CLG.

11/16- Schalke 04 picks up Broken Blade: Broken Blade leaves TSM as they replace him with Huni. He fills the vacancy on S04 from Odoamne’s departure.

11/16- Immortals secure Revenge as starting top laner: Former Academy player Revenge is getting his chance on the LCS stage with Immortals.

11/16- MAD Lions finalize 2021 roster: After an incredible 2021, MAD Lions finalizes its roster very early on. They keep three of their own, Carzzy, Humanoid and Kaiser. At the same time, they sign Armut from the TCL and Elyoya from Spain.

11/16- Evil Geniuses sign Impact and Lost: Former World Champion Impact joins EG for 2021 to replace Huni. In addition, EG signs former TSM Academy ADC Lost.

11/16- Evil Geniuses sign IgNar from FlyQuest: Storied support IgNar will unite with EG in 2021. Here, his aggressive playstyle will help the team hopefully find more success.

11/16- FlyQuest signs Deftly as Josedeodo: Josedeodo, formerly of the Latin American team Rainbow7, will debut in the LCS with FlyQuest. At the same time, Deftly gets signed to the team as the likely Academy ADC.

11/16- Evil Geniuses maintain Jiizuke as starting mid laner: Following a few other announcements, EG confirmed Jiizuke will stay with them for 2021.

11/16- 100 Thieves sign Closer, FBI and Huhi: Three Golden Guardians members move to 100 Thieves after GG disbands their entire roster to start fresh.

11/16- SK Gaming signs Tynx, Blue and Jezu: Three of the most promising European prospects sign with SK Gaming. They join the single remaining member Jenax.

11/16- SK Gaming finalizes roster with Treatz: Treatz returns to EU with SK. With this, the organization completes its starting roster.

11/16- (Unconfirmed officially) TSM in the process of signing SwordArt: It seems like TSM is trying to pick up World Finalist support SwordArt. However, the deal has the potential to fall through.

11/16- Schalke 04 signs former SK Gaming support Limit: S04 gets closer to complete its roster by securing Limit from SK.

Free agency moves: Nov. 17-19

11/17- Astralis adds Zanzara, Jeskla and Promisq to starting roster: Astralis, formerly Origen, adds three players to possibly pursue a “development” roster for 2021.

11/17- Johnsun joins FlyQuest for 2021: After debuting on the LCS stage with Dignitas, up-and-coming ADC Johnsun is the likely the starting bot laner for FlyQuest in 2021.

11/17- Immortals sign Destiny and Raes: Immortals takes full advantage of the new OCE residency rules as they sign Destiny and Raes for their starting LCS roster.

11/18- Misfits promote Agresivoo to starting roster: As Febiven leaves Misfits, the team brings up Agresivoo from Misfits Premier.

11/18- End of an era as Rekkles leaves Fnatic: Superstar ADC player Rekkles, after a successful few years with Fnatic, departs the organization. He will probably end up with G2 Esports but there is no confirmation on that yet.

11/18- (Unconfirmed officially) Golden Guardians rumored to pick up Stixxay and Newbie: It appears that Golden Guardians is looking to rebuild their team starting in the bot lane with Stixxay and Newbie.

11/19- Fnatic extends Hylissang’s contract for 2021: Though Rekkles left Fnatic, their support Hylissang commits to the squad for another year.

11/19- 100 Thieves sign Damonte: The Thieves finalize their entire 2021 roster as they sign mid laner Damonte.

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LoL: 100 Thieves Finalize 2021 Roster With Damonte Signing

100 Thieves has got its ducks in a row early as they’ve completed their starting roster for 2021.

Having spent 2020 at both Dignitas Academy and later Golden Guardians, Tanner “Damonte” Damonte has found a stable home for 2021 as he signs up to play for 100 Thieves in the LCS as the starting mid laner.

Damonte will join Can “Closer” Çelik, Ian Victor “FBI” Huang, and Choi “huhi” Jae-hyun who will all link up with existing top laner Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho.

100 Thieves struggled in 2020, never really making an impact on the season. Spring Split had shown signs of something special as the side finished 3rd, however, it wasn’t repeated in Summer as they finished 7th overall after getting 0-3 by Evil Geniuses.

Damonte has spent time across the LCS, though he’s never stuck with a roster for longer than a single season. His longest spell came with Clutch Gaming in the 2018/2019 season.

Of the three other new additions should all be improvements on what 100 Thieves had before. In huhi, the side has also gained a player with a wealth of experience, something that often goes unnoticed when looking at roster moves. Huhi first joined the LCS back in 2014 with Team Fusion, before spending time with CLG and eventually moving to 100 Thieves for just four months back in 2018/2019.

It’s too early to say how 100 Thieves will fare, with so few rosters yet to be completed. However, 2020 showed some good signs for the organization so they’ll be looking to build on that in 2021, despite having only one of the same roster.

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