Syndicated RPG News

Yakuza 5 HD to release in Japan June 2019

A new trailer accompanies this announcement, showing off Yakuza 5 for the PS4. source /news/8355-yakuza-5-hd-to-release-in-japan-june-2019

Bandai Namco releases new screenshots for God Eater 3’s Update 1.30

The upcoming Spring update will add a post-game story and new party characters. source /news/8354-bandai-namco-releases-new-screenshots-for-god-eater-3-s-update-1-30

Dark Souls: Beyond the Grave Volume 2 Review

Third Editions’ books on the Soulbourne games are full of meaty lore, but it might be too dense for those that don’t care for every little morsel. source /feature/8348-dark-souls-beyond-the-grave-volume-2-review

From a little hands-off demo alone, Shenmue 3 seems more of a RPG than the previous entries

RPG Site’s coverage of the Shenmue series has always been a little on the side of stretching. With Shenmue III, however, our coverage actually looks like it’ll be fully justified. source /feature/8353-from-a-little-hands-off-demo-alone-shenmue-3-seems-more-of-a-rpg-than-the-previous-entries

Koei Tecmo details Item Synthesis in Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland

Crafting items is as important as ever. source /news/8352-koei-tecmo-details-item-synthesis-in-atelier-lulua-the-scion-of-arland

Super Robot Wars T’s English Switch release will have the day-one digital bonus provided in an update patch

This is to circumvent the lack of Nintendo eShop in Southeast Asia. source /news/8351-super-robot-wars-t-s-english-switch-release-will-have-the-day-one-digital-bonus-provided-in-an-update-patch

The Princess Guide Review

Inconceivably bland. source /review/8349-the-princess-guide-review

Fate/Extella Link Review

Despite a shorter campaign, Fate/Extella Link feels considerably better to play than Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star with some great gameplay improvements and smart quality-of-life features. source /review/8350-fate-extella-link-review

Battle Chasers: Nightwar heading to mobile devices this Summer

The JRPG-inspired comic book RPG gets more platforms. source /news/8346-battle-chasers-nightwar-heading-to-mobile-devices-this-summer

Koei Tecmo will release Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle on July 5

The expansion that adds content from the anime’s Season 3 along with more new features. source /news/8345-koei-tecmo-will-release-attack-on-titan-2-final-battle-on-july-5