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Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls launches for PC on January 15

After some IP licensing issues, this PC port lands in a few weeks. source /news/9324-wizardry-labyrinth-of-lost-souls-launches-for-pc-on-january-15

Final Fantasy VII Remake leaks: fans beware, as full-game spoilers are now out in force

Final Fantasy VII Remake will soon have a playable demo, but fans might want to go on information black-out right away: big-time spoilers are out there. source /news/9323-final-fantasy-vii-remake-leaks-fans-beware-as-full-game-spoilers-are-now-out-in-force

RPG Site Best of 2019 Awards: Readers’ Choice in Detail

What did you, the RPG Site readers, love most in 2019? Here are the poll results. source /feature/9322-rpg-site-best-of-2019-awards-readers-choice-in-detail

RPG Site’s Most Anticipated RPGs of 2020

The eleven RPGs we’re most interested in seeing in 2020. Plus, we tally the Readers’ Choice results! source /feature/9321-rpg-site-s-most-anticipated-rpgs-of-2020

The Final Decade Memoir: Josh Torres – Dragon’s Dogma

Our final chapter to the Decade Memoirs explores a unique perspective that reflects back on Capcom’s revered open-world action RPG. source /feature/9320-the-final-decade-memoir-josh-torres-dragon-s-dogma

Decade Memoir #8: Dani Maddox – Kentucky Route Zero

It’s important to recognize that even games of a different genre may impact us in a way that resembles a RPG; adventures that aren’t presented like a RPG can still lead us on as one. source /feature/9319-decade-memoir-8-dani-maddox-kentucky-route-zero

Decade Memoir #7: Bryan Vitale – Fallout: New Vegas

Our most powerful memories don’t have to be something extravagant or drastic. Sometimes, simple tasks or pastimes add up to be the things we cherish the most as we look back. source /feature/9318-decade-memoir-7-bryan-vitale-fallout-new-vegas

Decade Memoir #6: Elizabeth Henges – Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland

An important game near and dear to our hearts doesn’t always have to be thrilling. Hidden gems can be found in times of quiet hardship, when we least expect it. source /feature/9317-decade-memoir-6-elizabeth-henges-atelier-totori-the-adventurer-of-arland

Decade Memoir #5: Alex Donaldson – Mass Effect 2

Although Mass Effect’s ultimate conclusion still leaves a bit of a scar on players today, the second entry in the series has left an eternal memory at the heart of this site. source /feature/9316-decade-memoir-5-alex-donaldson-mass-effect-2

Decade Memoir #4: Cullen Black – NieR

Expectations were subverted time and time again these past 10 years, but few did it as well as Yoko Taro with NieR, which celebrates its 10th anniversary next year. source /feature/9315-decade-memoir-4-cullen-black-nier

Decade Memoir #3: Kite Stenbuck – Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition

We often leave beloved series from our childhood behind; Digimon found a way to grow up and remain relevant with two awesome Digimon Story games. source /feature/9314-decade-memoir-3-kite-stenbuck-digimon-story-cyber-sleuth-complete-edition

Yakuza: Like a Dragon latest information reveals more party characters and the Sujimon feature

Joon-gi from Yakuza 6 is one of those making the big cut. source /news/9313-yakuza-like-a-dragon-latest-information-reveals-more-party-characters-and-the-sujimon-feature

Decade Memoir #2: Lucas Rivarola – Persona 4 Golden

One of the few remaining exclusives on Vita left a mark that paved the path to new questions, new friends, and new challenges. source /feature/9312-decade-memoir-2-lucas-rivarola-persona-4-golden

Decade Memoir #1: George Foster – Kingdom Hearts III

The long-awaited mainline sequel finally hit before the decade ending, but the journey to finally experience it was a long one. source /feature/9311-decade-memoir-1-george-foster-kingdom-hearts-iii

RPG Site Games of the Decade Feature – the Decade Memoirs

Our writers look back at the last ten years of their lives and pick out the game that left the most impact on them. source /feature/9310-rpg-site-games-of-the-decade-feature-the-decade-memoirs

Potential Xenosaga HD Trilogy failed internal market analysis, will be “difficult to resurface”

According to Bandai Namco general manager Katsuhiro Harada. source /news/9309-potential-xenosaga-hd-trilogy-failed-internal-market-analysis-will-be-difficult-to-resurface

Nioh 2 shows the new Anegawa stage with more screenshots

A couple more characters from the first game are also returning. source /news/9308-nioh-2-shows-the-new-anegawa-stage-with-more-screenshots

Azur Lane Crosswave full DLC character list revealed

Three more popular shipgirls will join the fray. source /news/9307-azur-lane-crosswave-full-dlc-character-list-revealed

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers – Yusuke, Haru, Makoto, and Futaba Screenshots

Plus some images on Persona fusion and more. source /news/9306-persona-5-scramble-the-phantom-strikers-yusuke-haru-makoto-and-futaba-screenshots

RPG Site Best of 2019 Awards – our picks for the best of the year

That’s another year of role-playing video games in the books – and here’s our verdict on the best moments from that year. source /feature/9304-rpg-site-best-of-2019-awards-our-picks-for-the-best-of-the-year