Anno 1800 Is Free To Play For A Week To Celebrate New DLC, Holiday Pack, And New Co-Op Mode

Anno 1800 has just released its third expansion, titled The Passage. The DLC, which is the third and final piece included in the season pass, asks players to establish an outpost in the Arctic Circle, and makes players build under snowy, cold conditions. It introduces a new heating mechanic, and allosw players to construct airship fleets for faster transport. It also adds two new citizen tiers, seven new production chains, 32 new buildings, 60 new quests, and 80 new items. You can watch the expansion’s launch trailer below.

Anno 1800 is expanding for all players, even those without the expansion pass, with a new co-op mode and statistics system. Co-op supports up to 16 players across four factions, letting them work together to achieve the best outcome. The new statistics system gives players a more detailed look at the figures for their production and consumption of all their goods across all islands.

The game has also added some festive DLC, with a new Holiday Pack adding 23 Christmas-themed items to the game. These include a festive carousel, Christmas trees, snowmen, lanterns, and more. These will allow you to add some Christmas spirit to your towns.

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The base game of Anno 1800 will be made free to play on Uplay and the Epic Game Store from December 11 until December 18, so you can jump into the game and try it out for free. The game is also available as part of Uplay +, despite being absent at launch, and is not available on Steam.

Anno 1800 received a 7/10 in our review, and reviewer David Wildgoose found that it was beautiful, but a little cold. “As a city-building sim that emphasizes economic management, it is as robust and powerful as the steel factories it allows you to pollute the skies with. But for all the natural beauty of its island paradise and the architectural splendor of its churches, theatres, and piers, it’s just a little too cold in its reliance on numbers and a little too impenetrable in its reluctance to show you its workings.”

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