Another Blizzard Co-Founder Leaving The Company

Blizzard Entertainment is seeing the departure of another long-time executive. Frank Pearce, who co-founded the company back when it was known as Silicon & Synapse, announced that he has decided to move on from the developer after 28 years.

Pearce shared the news in a statement published on Blizzard’s website. It does not suggest he’s leaving for another company; instead, he talks about spending more time outdoors and pursuing other passions, like learning to play an instrument.

Blizzard president J. Allen Brack also released a statement on Pearce parting ways with the company in which he talks up Pearce’s role, despite the fact that he hasn’t been in the most public-facing of roles.

“Like many of us, Frank is an introvert,” Brack wrote. “Thus many of you haven’t seen a lot of him publicly, nor seen the deep impact he’s had on Blizzard, and on the culture specifically. But Frank has been here from the beginning, building and expanding the foundation and championing the values behind everything Blizzard does. Blizzard is better because of Frank Pearce.”

Fellow co-founder Mike Morhaime announced his departure from Blizzard late last year, with Brack assuming his role as president.

from GameSpot – Game News

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