Apex Legends Season 3: Hottest Drop Spots On New Map, World’s Edge

Apex Legends got a huge content drop for Season 3: Meltdown, which changed Respawn’s battle royale game in several different ways–including making it easier to jump into for newcomers. Among the changes was the (very temporary) removal of Kings Canyon, which has been replaced with a brand-new map, World’s Edge. Despite its larger size, there are a few places on the map where players seem to congregate, making for ideal drop locations if you want to begin your matches with a fight.

In the following article, we’ve highlighted some of the more interesting places to drop on World’s Edge, a guide that could completely change once the golden vaults open. For now, World’s Edge doesn’t have specific locations of concentrated high-tier loot. There are, however, places on the map where you can find both decent loot and a means for quickly relocating without having to run across a wide-open area. It’s in these places where you’ll typically have to fight off other squads right at the start of a match. We may update this article as more hot drop locations develop.

The Train

Don’t be fooled by Thermal Station, Lava City, and The Dome; the moving train on World’s Edge is the hottest drop spot on the entire map. There is no other place on World’s Edge that consistently attracts as many squads as that train. Train tracks snake through the entire map, so the starting point for the train is usually different between matches. However, there are a few consistencies with the train: it almost always has three Phoenix Kits on it, typically three or more squads go for it at the start of every match, and there are never enough guns on board for everyone.

This means the first few starting moments on the train are usually a full-on fistfight between several different squads, many of which are trying to melee enemies off the moving train to make looting easier. There’s no exact science to how loot on the train works, but I’ve typically seen the guns spread out pretty evenly among its connected cars. So if you see someone else loot a gun from the back of the train, you’re probably not going to find another there. Either punch that sucker straight in the face and hope to end them before they get a shot off or run further up into the train in search of another gun.

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As a side note, if you’re struggling with winning at the train, try dropping at the station it’s scheduled to stop at first. The train almost always spawns right before one of its stops, giving you about half a minute to loot in the safety of a building before storming out and boarding the train before it leaves. The Thermal Station stop (circled in the image above) is perhaps the best opportunity for this strategy as it will almost always have good enough loot to at least overwhelm those who land on the train–who are probably still fighting each other and thus have all the good loot split among three or more squads. Obviously you can also just land here if you’re looking for a place to loot, but without the temptation of the train, you’re unlikely to run into other squads to fight.

The Sniper’s Cliff

This cliff (circled in the picture below) isn’t marked as a landmark on the map. Technically, this small location is tied to the larger nearby landmark, Skyhook–which almost always attracts a squad or two. Unfortunately, Skyhook is so big and contains so many multilevel buildings, it’s difficult to find enemy squads right at the start. Having a sniper rifle and vantage where you have a lookout over almost all of Skyhook provides a huge advantage in hunting down the squads that landed in the location with you. The sniper’s cliff provides both.

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My friends and I call this spot the sniper’s cliff because in almost every match, the loot containers on this mountain provide sniper rifles and at least one sniper scope. The Triple-Take and new Charge Rifle seem to be the more popular drops, but the Longbow DMR and G7 Scout regularly show up too. At the top of the cliff, you have the perfect sniping perch for raining death on those who land in Skyhook. The bottom provides a nice getaway, giving you an entire mountain to mask your approach towards Skyhook or Drill Site. About halfway down the cliff is a zipline that takes you straight into Skyhook for a riskier, albeit faster approach.

As more and more squads have learned of this location, the spot has also increasingly become a hot drop. It’s not really there yet, but you can expect to land on the cliff alongside one other squad on occasion. Then it becomes a frantic duel with sniper rifles, which is a whole different type of exhilarating panic than the close quarters firefights on the train.

The Construction Site

Like sniper’s cliff, this spot is simply a part of a larger landmark–in this case, Capitol City. Located in the southwest portion of the city (circled in the picture below), the construction site is an unfinished building that’s similarly structured like Construction Site on Call of Duty: Black Ops IV’s original Blackout map. This provides several different levels of loot for squads to parse through, which typically encourages half a dozen teams to make this spot their drop site.

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There are actually two different unfinished buildings here, both connected by a long zipline. Between the two it seems like the one with the respawn beacon on the top of it is more popular, but regardless of which you go to, you’re probably only getting a few seconds before someone starts attacking at you. Sometimes it may be someone throwing up grenades from a lower floor and other times it could be someone shooting down on you from an upper floor. Make sure someone on your team finds a good long-range weapon because there’s almost always another team sniping you from the other unfinished building.

There’s no real strategy for winning the construction site other than ensuring you’re wearing a good pair of headphones. With so many levels, it can be confusing to tell where people are by sight alone. You’ll usually hear someone on another level long before you see them. Maybe bring Crypto along if you decide to land here. His drone provides the safest way of scouting other floors. Bloodhound works too, but I’ve found Crypto to be the better of the two choices.

Fuel Depot

Fuel Depot (circled in the picture below) is one of the smallest landmarks on World’s Edge but it’s also perfectly situated, making it an ideal place to hold up in. Of course, because it’s so good, it usually attracts at least one or two squads at the start of every match. Because of the loot scarcity, it’s one of the harder landmarks to win, but doing so ensures you’ll be well situated for wherever you need to go next.

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To understand why squads love dropping at Fuel Depot, you only need to see where it is on the map. Fuel Depot is the closest World’s Edge has to a middle, so landing there gives you the highest probability of being within the safe zone at the start, or at least close enough to it that you won’t have to travel far. It’s also perfectly situated between a lot of other drop spots. On the off chance that no other squad lands in Fuel Depot, there’s a high probability that at least one will wander through Fuel Depot at some point in the game and bring the fight to you.

To the north of Fuel Depot is a watchtower that allows you to snipe anyone trying to escape Capitol City. To the east lies a tunnel leading to Sorting Factory, providing you cover if you want to venture that way as well as blindspots for setting up ambushes for approaching squads. On the west side is a zipline that leads to half a dozen houses full of more loot, giving your squad a place to easily escape to if Fuel Depot gets too hot. To the south is a massive gorge, forcing enemy squads to either climb up to the aforementioned collection of buildings and zipline over to you or drop into the gorge and climb up to you–which gives you the high ground.

The Town Of Overlook

Like Fuel Depot, Overlook is one of the smaller landmarks on World’s Edge. Just outside Overlook is a small collection of buildings (circled in the picture below). For whatever reason, these buildings are more of a hot drop than Overlook. If I had to hazard a guess as to why, I’d assume it’s because the buildings are slightly spread apart, presenting more opportunities to fight out in the open. Meanwhile, Overlook is a lot more enclosed, presenting a great place to bunker down and defend.

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It might seem like there isn’t very good loot here, and that’s partially true. However, just outside of the town is a long hole that descends into an underground tunnel where there are train tracks. On either side of the track are loot containers, which usually have decent armor and weapons in them. Just dive into the hole, grab what you need, and zipline back up. The town that overlooks Overlook won’t know what hit them.

Just remember to be careful. Even if Overlook itself isn’t a hot drop, it doesn’t change that the location is somewhat of a popular spot. Whoever wins the landmark is most likely coming for you once they’ve healed up.

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