Apple Arcade Gets Five New Games, Two Of Which Seem Spooky

Five more games have been added to Apple Arcade, further boosting the size of the mobile game subscription service’s library. Two of the five seem rather spooky, perfect for anyone looking for that type of game ahead of Halloween. In fact, both of the scary-looking games seem like the most promising of the new bunch.

Inmost looks like it may be the best of the lot, an atmospheric, story-driven puzzle platformer that has you control three different characters in three different stories, all of which come together in one interconnected narrative. Gameplay looks tense, with demonic-like shadow creatures chasing you through haunted-looking woods and crumbling settlements and castles. And although one of the characters can fight, it seems like all three need to rely on using the environment to overcome the dark forces they encounter. Though launching on Apple Arcade, Inmost is scheduled to also release on Nintendo Switch and PC.

The other spooky game, Stela, is more cinematic–presenting a puzzle platformer that relies on its unsettlingly creepy backgrounds, themes, and music to craft an experience similar to Limbo or Inside. Launching on Apple Arcade, Stela is coming to Xbox One on October 17 and PC sometime in 2019. The rest of the new games include the race car arena shooter ShockRods, action strategy game Decoherence, and music-focused action game Mind Symphony.

So far, Apple Arcade has built a decent reputation for itself, securing limited-time exclusives for several excellent games. After playing through most of them, we have more than a few favorites. If you want more detailed recommendations, GameSpot has a Sayonara Wild Hearts review, What the Golf review, Overland review, and Grindstone impressions.

from GameSpot – Game News

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