Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: How To Get A Free Powerful Engram

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is out now, and players are trying their best to boost their Guardian’s power levels to complete the campaign and get raid-ready. In honor of the release of the new expansion, Bungie is giving players a chance to acquire a free Powerful Engram via the postmaster, providing Guardians–returning and newcomers alike–a leg up on the power grind. Last year, Bungie introduced an exclusive Rewards program for users who have an account with, allowing them the chance for new rewards and special offers from the developer.

To get this Powerful Engram, you’ll need to head over to Bungie’s rewards program page. If you are already signed up with and have your main Destiny 2 account linked, then you can instantly get the Powerful Engram by confirming to get a special reward. However, for new players jumping in for the first time via New Light, you’ll need to advance your starting character after the game’s new introduction, which will allow you to gain the piece of loot from the postmaster in the Tower.

This Powerful Engram is a great opportunity to get some new loot fast. However, for players looking to make a more significant impact on your character’s growth in Shadowkeep’s endgame, it might be better to wait until you reach the soft-cap at 900 Power. From 750 to 900 Power, you’ll acquire a steady flow of loot from the main missions and activities, which makes the power grind mostly relaxed. Once you reach 900, however, better loot is harder to come by. Following the soft-cap, Powerful Engrams are essential when trying to progress past 900. Simply put, you’ll need to ensure that your Powerful Engrams are better spent on your character.

This growth will eventually lead up to Shadowkeep’s massive endgame activity, the new Raid known as the Garden of Salvation. As a return to The Black Garden, you’ll have to finish the campaign and get to at least 890 Power to take on the six-member activity. For players looking for more details on the best ways to get raid-ready, check out our many guides that lay out all the tips and clues on how best to improve your Guardian and be prepared for Shadowkeep’s endgame.

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