Devil May Cry 5 Dante Guide: Tips To Get SSS Rank As This Stylish Hunter

Nothing beats the exhilaration of performing an SSS rank combo in Devil May Cry 5. But if you want to experience these emotional highs, your technique needs to be on point. As an action game, DMC5 is filled to the brim with complex mechanics that takes practice to master.

As Dante, you utilize his arsenal of weapons and multiple fighting styles to perform all manner of combos. When playing him, you have to strike a balance at being flexible, while also being relentless in your approach. In this guide, we give you the basics of how to play this tenured demon hunter, as well as offer some tips on how to achieve an SSS rank. For visual reference, watch the video above to see what SSS rank Dante combat looks like in action.

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As the last character to unlock during the main story, the legendary devil hunter Dante may feel like you’re biting off more than you can chew. While mechanically he’s similar to his version in DMC4, the pacing in DMC5 and the number of tools he has at his disposal is a big shift from the previous game, which can make getting a handle of his combat style feel a bit daunting. Simply put, Dante is the most advanced character in the game. In addition to an expansive arsenal of melee weapons and firearms that each have their own functions and mechanics, the legendary devil hunter also has four unique combat styles that introduce new moves and enhance his combat loadout.

It’s a bit overwhelming coming to grips with Dante since he doesn’t like to keep things subtle when he swings his sword or fires off his pistols–everything he does carries considerable force and an exceeding amount of flair behind it. However, what really sets Dante apart from Nero and V is the amount of customization you can apply to his arsenal. Though you can equip him with up to four melee weapons and guns at once–that’s eight weapons in total that can be swapped freely during combat–you can whittle it down to something a bit more manageable.

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Dante’s signature ability is his Devil Trigger, which greatly amplifies his attack power and combo potential. When activated, Dante will slowly regenerate any lost health and dish out significantly increased damage. Some of his key combat skills change slightly too, which can mean all the difference. For instance, using Dante’s signature Stinger attack allows him to pierce through the enemy–even damage nearby foes in the process. But even when he’s not in Devil Trigger, Dante’s attacks tend to focus on dishing out massive amounts of raw attack power in a short time–making him a particularly fun character to play.

The Styles

Dante truly shines with his four combat styles: the swordmaster, gunslinger, trickster, and royal guard. You’re able to switch between these four different stances and change his flow and mechanics. The Swordmaster style amplifies all of his melee weapons, adding a special move that’s not available in the other styles–such as the Sparda sword’s prop shredder and roundtrip moves. The Gunslinger stance boosts the attack power of each firearm, while also giving them some added buffs and traits. Trickster style gives Dante added mobility, allowing him to air-dodge, teleport, and pull off some fast moves that make him extremely mobile on the ground and in the air.

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The final style is known as the Royal Guard, and it’s by far the most challenging to master. Though it doesn’t possess the number of moves and enhancements that the Gunslinger or Swordmaster have, this style allows Dante to parry almost every attack from enemies, and strike back with energy stored up from any successful block. If you’re feeling especially brave, it’s even possible to clear an entire mission with Dante using only the abilities of the Royal Guard. While you’re certainly free to stick with a particular style you like, Dante’s true potential shines when he’s constantly switching between them. It can be especially satisfying pulling of some successful launchers in Swordmaster style, and then immediately following up by teleporting to airborne foes in Trickster, and then finishing them off in the air with the Gunslinger’s rainstorm skill.

Combat Techniques

First off, you’re going to need to get comfortable with Dante’s weapons and styles. Given the number of weapons he has in his arsenal, you may feel inclined to stick with a mostly standard set-up. While you can pull off some spectacular combos with just the basics, Dante’s combat chic is all about variety, and you’re much better off in the long run experimenting with different weapons and styles. One of Dante’s most effective starting weapons is the Balrog gauntlets. Allowing you to switch off between two different modes focusing on kicks and punches, this weapon has a surprisingly deep set of skills. It even includes a useful dodge mechanic known as the Dempsey Roll, allowing Dante to effortlessly dodge enemy strikes with side-steps, and immediately follow up with a critical strike.

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Some of Dante’s most effective weapons deal multiple hits within a single strike. The Cavaliere motorcycle, one of the game’s most bizarre weapons, especially excels at this. With the standard combo, you can hold the attack button to have Dante press down each strike, letting the bladed wheels grind into the enemy. These are incredibly effective against armored foes, and breaking their defense can score a large boost to your style ranking.

One of the best ways to attain the elusive SSS rank with Dante is to constantly switch up your weapons and tactics, while also staying on the move. The ability to swap between his loadout and styles is Dante’s greatest asset, and if you stick with one style or weapon for too long, your ranking will suffer. A strategy to use for attacking with Dante is start off with a basic combo with one weapon, and switch over to another once that particular combo chain ends. With the Devil Trigger active as well, Dante can become a serious force on the battlefield.

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