Fallout Speedrunner “Tomatoanus” Subtly Changes Name For Upcoming Charity Event

Fallout speedrunner Tomatoanus will be playing at January’s Awesome Game’s Done Quick event under a different, less butt-centric name, after reaching an agreement with the event’s organisers.

The accomplished speedrunner has competed at six Games Done Quick events under the name Tomatoanus, but considering it’s a family-friendly event for charity, three of his six runs have not been displayed publicly due to the whole “anus” thing not being quite wholesome enough.

Tomatoanus explained in a recent statement that he’s decided to appear under the name “Tomatoangus” as a compromise. “[Games Done Quick] told me that my submissions were not automatically denied, and that they would be considered just as any other submission, but they would not be publicly viewable on their website as long as I submitted with my username being ‘tomatoanus’,” he explains. “This is obviously because they’re a professional organization representing a charity, which I understand and accept.

“I continued to submit under the same username for the next few events, and eventually decided I would prefer to have my submissions be publicly viewable so people could see that I was submitting on their website rather than only know based on me tweeting what my submissions were.”

The name change will only affect his appearances at Games Done Quick. Tomatoanus’ Twitch and YouTube accounts will remain the same, anus and all.

His speedrunning feats are definitely worth watching. In the past he’s set a world record by dashing through the Fallout Anthology (Fallout 1, 2, 3, New Vegas, and 4) in under 1.5 hours. He also managed to set a “sex%” world record in the same games, sitting atop an unofficial speedrunning category that involves having sex in each of the main games as fast as possible. With a name like that is it any surprise?

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/fallout-speedrunner-tomatoanus-subtly-changes-name/1100-6470722/

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