Farming Animals In Minecraft

Farming Animals In Minecraft

Uses Of Farming Animals In Minecraft

Farming cows, sheep or pigs will offer a ready supply of meat.

Cows also give leather, which you can craft into armour, but is vital for crafting books. Also, cows can be milked by right-clicking on them while holding a bucket.

Sheep provide wool, which is useful for beds, banners, carpet and even as a building block.

You can ride pigs but would be better off using a horse.

The very same techniques apply to chickens, but they also lay eggs, which can be a more straightforward way to raise their numbers. You’re able to farm chickens precisely the same manner as other animals, but you may want to utilize an enhanced chicken farm layout that collects the eggs for you. Chickens can also provide feathers, but only if you kill them.

What You’ll Need For Farming Animals In Minecraft


The crucial step you’ll need for farming is food for those creatures. Get a number of that until you begin!

Pigs consume carrots, potatoes or beetroot. Chickens eat seeds (most readily obtained from long or wheat grass, but they’ll eat any seed, like pumpkin or melon seeds).


You’ll also wish to harvest wood to build fences and gates to construct enclosures.

The Way To Construct The Farm

Construct An enclosure

Build A Minecraft Pen

First, you are going to want to construct an enclosure, either a little pen or a massive area, to house your animals. This may be inside or outside, but it has to be somewhere which you can direct animals, therefore outdoors is simpler. If you are raising sheep for wool, then you’ll require a grass floor so they can consume and regrow their wool.

Fence a type of barrier high enough so that mobs (or other Minecraft players) can not leap over it. Gates function for a means to get through fences and therefore are closed or opened using a right-click.

Locate Your Animals

You’ll need a couple of the same type of animal to start. Hold the animal’s favorite food outside (wheat for cows and sheep; carrots for pigs; seeds for chickens).

When they detect the food they like, they will look at you and accompany you. Now you can lead the animals back to their new house!

If you are using a gate to leave the animal pen, be sure that you equip something aside from animal food to prevent them from attempting to follow along.

Animal Breeding

To acquire your creatures to breed, then you only have to feed them.

Next, you should see hearts above the animal’s heads, which means they’ll start breeding.

For another five seconds, the adults won’t react to additional efforts to make them breed. But pretty soon you’ll have four creatures, and you’ll quickly have the ability to raise a large herd.

If you’re in a hurry for babies to grow up, feed them their favourite food!


The most effective means to harvest meat out of the animals is to enter the pen, equip a sword and scatter all them except a couple which you save for breeding another herd.



Killing sleep will usually provide you with one block of wool. A more efficient way is to use shears on them, which not only offers more wool but also means you shouldn’t have to restart your sheep herd.

Minecraft Sheep Shears

Dyed Wool

If you’d like coloured wool, then you can dye the sheep whatever colour you want. It’s possible, however, to dye coloured sheep white with bonemeal.

If you breed coloured sheep, the baby sheep will be the same colour as the parents, not a combination.

Minecraft Merch

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