Final Fantasy 7’s Most Iconic Artwork Officially Remade

Square Enix is celebrating the 22nd anniversary of Final Fantasy VII‘s North American release by recreating one of the most iconic pieces of artwork for the game. The modern look is in line with the detailed visual style of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, and fans are sure to get a kick out of the treatment Square Enix has given the art.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy VII specifically, or RPGs as a genre, you’re probably familiar with the piece of art in question. It depicts the protagonist Cloud with his back to the viewer as he reaches for his sword. He stands facing the Shinra building, which can be seen towering above him in the distance. A cloud of thick black smog chokes the air above, while brilliant blue lights shoot out of the ground. All of this nicely captures the game’s story of a small group of eco-terrorists fighting against a megacorporation to try and save the world they live in.

The remade artwork comes just six months ahead of Final Fantasy 7 Remake March 3, 2020 release date. Square Enix previously revealed the game will span two Blu-ray discs when it launches on PS4, and there will be a $330 Final Fantasy 7 Remake collector’s edition available. At E3 2019, we got an extended gameplay and combat demonstration, and we recently got to more hands-on time with it too. You can see what we thought in the video above.

from GameSpot – Game News

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