Fire Emblem: Three Houses Guide – List Of Faculty Training Options

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you’re the one teaching students. But what about your own self-development? Weapons skills are easy to practice in battle, but you can’t level up things like reason, faith, riding, or flying skills unless you’re already certified for the associated classes–and you need Faculty Training in order to do that.

Early on, it’s a better use of your activity points to invest in those skills so you can, say, become certified as a Pegasus Knight and continue practicing your flying from there. Here’s who can teach you the aforementioned skills:

  • Flying: Manuela, Seteth
  • Riding: Jeralt, Hanneman, Gilbert
  • Faith: Rhea, Manuela
  • Reason: Hanneman, Rhea

And here’s a list of what all the teachers at Garreg Mach Monastery can teach you:

  • Rhea: Sword, Brawl, Reason, Faith
  • Seteth: Sword, Lance, Axe, Authority, Flying
  • Manuela: Sword, Faith, Flying
  • Hanneman: Bow, Reason, Riding
  • Catherine: Sword, Brawl
  • Jeralt: Lance, Authority, Riding
  • Alois: Axe, Brawl, Heavy Armor
  • Shamir: Lance, Bow
  • Gilbert: Lance, Axe, Heavy Armor, Riding

Later on in the story, you’ll open up more avenues to teach your protagonist skills, but we’ll keep that a mystery for anyone just starting out.

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In our Fire Emblem: Three Houses review, Kallie Plagge concluded: “When all was said and done, all I could think about was starting another playthrough… whether you’re managing inventories or battlefields, it’s the kind of game that’s hard to put down, even when it’s over.”

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