Fire Emblem: Three Houses Lost Items Guide

You have many roles in Fire Emblem: Three Houses–teacher, soldier, confidant. But you also have to babysit the people around you, because they tend to leave their stuff all over the place. Each month, starting with Chapter Three, you can find Lost Items while exploring the monastery. Every item will have a vague description of who it might belong to, which can be very confusing. In this guide, we’ve outlined every Lost Items we’ve encountered by chapter and listed who they belong to so you don’t have to run around Garreg Mach for ages tracking them down.

Like with gifts, Lost Items will increase your support bonds with characters and, if they’re in your house, increase their motivation by half. We recommend only returning Lost Items to your students if they’re not at max motivation. Also like with gifts, you can only return Lost Items to the house leaders and their bodyguard/retainer figure (Edelgard and Hubert, Dimitri and Dedue, and Claude and Hilda) if you’re in their house. We’ve been able to pick up Hilda’s Lost Items while playing as another house, for some reason, but we’re unable to give them back to her. Note that this list does not yet include Dimitri and Dedue’s Lost Items; we’ll continue to update it as we play more.

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Chapter Three

  • Hand Drawn Map — Leonie
  • Sketch of a Sigil — Hanneman
  • School of Sorcery Book — Annette
  • Tattered Overcoat — Caspar
  • White Glove — Edelgard (Black Eagles only)
  • Wooden Flask — Jeralt
  • Wooden Button — Raphael

Chapter Four

  • Artificial Flower — Lorenz
  • Badge of Graduation — Catherine
  • Bag of Tea Leaves — Ferdinand
  • Confessional Letter — Marianne
  • Mysterious Notebook — Alois
  • Noxious Handkerchief — Hubert (Black Eagles only)
  • Thunderbrand Replica — Caspar
  • Used Bottle of Perfume — Hilda (Golden Deer only)
  • Wellness Herbs — Manuela

Chapter Five

  • Art Book — Ignatz
  • Curry Comb — Ingrid
  • Encyclopedia of Sweets — Lysithea
  • Exotic Feather — Petra
  • Feather Pillow — Linhardt
  • Needle and Thread — Bernadetta
  • Portrait of Rhea — Cyril
  • Sword Belt Fragment — Felix
  • Unused Lipstick — Sylvain

Chapter Six

  • Agricultural Survey — Ferdinand
  • Antique Clasp — Flayn
  • Bundle of Herbs — Ashe
  • Hammer and Chisel — Hanneman
  • How to Bake Sweets — Mercedes
  • How to Be Tidy — Marianne
  • Silver Brooch — Dorothea
  • Silver Necklace — Gilbert
  • Spotless Bandage — Hilda (Golden Deer only)

Chapter Seven

  • Black Iron Spur — Felix
  • Bundle of Dry Hemp — Shamir
  • Burlap Sack of Rocks — Raphael
  • Hresvelg Treatise — Hubert (Black Eagles only)
  • Letter to Rhea — Catherine
  • Jousting Almanac — Ingrid
  • Small Tanned Hide — Petra
  • Time-Worn Quill Pen — Edelgard (Black Eagles only)

Chapter Eight

  • A Treatise on Etiquette — Lorenz
  • Clean Dusting Cloth — Manuela
  • Crumpled Love Letter — Sylvain
  • Crude Arrowheads — Leonie
  • Foreign Gold Coin — Alois
  • Fruit Preserves — Mercedes
  • Mild Stomach Poison — Claude (Golden Deer only)
  • Old Map of Enbarr — Flayn
  • Still-Life Picture — Bernadetta
  • Songstress Poster — Dorothea
  • The Saints Revealed — Linhardt
  • Unfinished Fable — Seteth
  • Well-Used Hatchet — Cyril

Chapter Nine

  • Animated Bait — Linhardt
  • Big Spoon — Raphael
  • Blue Stone — Ignatz
  • Book of Ghost Stories — Mercedes
  • Carving Hammer — Gilbert
  • Centipede Picture — Shamir
  • Evil-Repelling Amulet — Ashe
  • Lens Cloth — Hanneman
  • Old Cleaning Cloth — Cyril
  • Old Fishing Rod — Seteth
  • Princess Doll — Lysithea
  • Unfinished Score — Annette

Chapter Ten

  • Animal Bone Dice — Shamir
  • Bag of Seeds — Marianne
  • Board Game Piece — Claude (Golden Deer only)
  • Dusty Book of Fables — Flayn
  • Fur Scarf — Leonie
  • Handmade Hair Clip — Hilda (Golden Deer only)
  • Introduction to Magic — Alois
  • Letter to the Goddess — Ignatz
  • Light Purple Veil — Manuela
  • Lovely Comb — Dorothea
  • Noseless Puppet — Gilbert
  • Pegasus Horseshoes — Ingrid
  • Snapped Writing Quill — Seteth
  • Toothed Dagger — Felix
  • Weathered Cloak — Catherine

Chapter Eleven

Stay tuned…

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