Fortnite Kicks Off Halloween By Bringing Back The Skull Trooper And Skull Ranger Skins

Halloween is just around the corner and the spooky festivities are kicking off in Fortnite this week. The popular Skull Trooper and Skull Ranger skins are back in the item shop, each with a new style. There are also some new Halloween-themed skins as well.

The new Skull Trooper and Skull Ranger skins will be available to purchase today before disappearing into the ether once again. They only come to the store once a year, and there’s a new pickaxe, backbling, and glider accompanying them this Halloween, too.

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Ghoul Trooper, Brainiac, and Raptor have also received new styles, and there’s a host of creepy new skins including a horned sorcerer and what looks like an alchemist with a taste for frogs, who’s mostly comprised of teeth. You can also purchase new emotes, pets, and weapon skins.

Credit to Twitter user ShiinaBR for these images.

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