Fortnite Week 3 Worlds Collide Challenges (Season 10): Visit Cube Memorial, Rift Zones, And More

Week 3 of Fortnite Season X has arrived, which means there’s a new set of challenges for players to complete in Epic’s popular battle royale game. This week’s batch of missions is called Worlds Collide, and as its name suggests, many of its challenges hearken back to Season 5, revolving around Rifts and even the infamous purple cube.

As has been the trend this season, only three of the Worlds Collide challenges are available from the outset, with additional missions unlocking as you complete them. Fortunately, the initial batch is fairly straightforward, tasking you with using a Rift, visiting a Rift Zone, and dealing damage to opponents either at the Viking Village or Loot Lake.

Most of the other Worlds Collide challenges are equally straightforward, but one has you visiting a memorial to Kevin the Cube, which infamously arrived partway through Season 5 and rolled around the island before transforming Loot Lake. You can see the full list of Week 3 Worlds Collide challenges below. Once you’ve cleared all the challenges, you’ll unlock “Prestige” versions of them, which often impose an extra condition to make them tougher to complete.

Unlike previous seasons, the World Collide challenges are only available to those who own a Season X Battle Pass. In the past, Epic offered a few challenges for free to all players this week, but this season, the studio has gated most of the missions behind the pass, so you’ll need to pick one up before you can set off on these challenges. You can find all of our tips and guides in our full Season X challenges roundup.

Epic recently rolled out Fortnite’s 10.10 update, which brought back Retail Row and kicked off a new limited-time mode called World Run. The patch also nerfed the Plastic Patroller skin; it now sports some visible mud smears and wear and tear so that players no longer blend in quite as well with the environment.

Fortnite Season X, Week 3 Worlds Collide Challenges

  • Use a Rift (1)
  • Visit a Rift Zone (1)
  • Deal damage to opponents at a mountaintop Viking Village or Loot Lake (200)
  • Visit a memorial to a cube in the desert or by a lake (1)
  • Eliminate opponents in the desert (3)
  • Search chests at Loot Lake (3)
  • Consume foraged mushrooms (10)

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