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Have you been on Giant Bomb lately? It’s had a fresh coat of paint so everything looks new and slick. More importantly, the moment you land on the site you’re presented with a wealth of videos that are worth checking out because they’re either 1) Fun 2) Informative 3) Too absurd to skip.

Giant Bomb is home to some of the most entertaining gaming related video content on the internet, and we’re not just saying that because it’s a sister site so we’re technically obligated to be its hype squad. No, we’re saying it because it is, in fact, true.

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Whether you’re watching Quick Looks to get a taster of all the newest games, pretending to eavesdrop on a conversation with the video version of the Bombcast, or kicking it with the team on Unprofessional Fridays, it is a guaranteed good time.

Giant Bomb’s Premium membership is a great way to enjoy everything the site has to offer and, for a limited time, you’ll be able to sample a little bit of everything on offer with the free trial. This isn’t any free trial, however, it’s an extended one. While the standard trial gives newcomers a seven-day window to enjoy the perks of a Giant Bomb Premium membership, if you use the code “FREE3” you’ll get a whole month at no cost. Just click here and follow the on-screen instructions.

Giant Bomb Premium perks include access to subscriber-exclusive shows such as Crime Crew, Die Another Friday, Mass Alex, Mario Party Party and many more. You’ll also get podcasts like Film & 40s, All Systems Goku–the No.1 anime show from the foremost anime experts on the internet–and Giant Devcast, where the behind-the-scenes wizards that bring the site to life discuss their tireless work. On top of all that, you’ll get a completely ad-free experience.

You’ve got until June 30 to redeem the code, but if you do it soon you’ll be able to join in on the E3 fun. We highly recommend the night show, during which the Giant Bomb couch is filled with industry experts and luminaries talking about the latest games, the big reveals, important trends. You’ll get insight alongside ridiculous shenanigans that will no doubt be talked about in the community for weeks to come. Don’t miss out!

This is the perfect opportunity to dip your toe into the Giant Bomb pool. Trust us, you’re gonna like how it feels.

[Giant Ginyu Force Image Credit: Sean DePew‏]

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