Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is Deactivating Battle Rewards, But There’s An Upside

The developers of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint have released a December roadmap, and have made it clear that they recognize one element of the game that is fundamentally not working at the moment. The Battle Rewards system is being deactivated, with the beginning of Act 2 last week causing problems for many players. However, to make up for it, you’ll immediately get all the rewards from the first two Acts.

“In response to feedback, we are granting to all players every reward from Act 1 and Act 2 next week,” the post reads. “The Hill and Walker figures will not be mass-granted until we have resolved the issues with the items. We are also deactivating the Battle Rewards system until we have implemented solutions to prevent reported issues from reoccurring. Our team aims to have everything ready for the start of Act 3.”

Elsewhere in the roadmap, some details are provided about title update 1.1.0, which is due December 18. It will contain bug fixes and improvements, including better enemy AI, changes to the base jump mechanic, and the addition of night vision goggles. There’s also a Terminator Live Event being planned, which will see you facing off against the T-800–that’s coming between late December and mid-January.

Breakpoint recently added its first raid, as well as an update that introduced easier character customization, among other fixes. Ubisoft has promised that a “more radical and immersive” version of the game is being worked on.

from GameSpot – Game News

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